Dual Infrared & Type-K TC Thermometer w/ Dual Aiming Lasers

OMEGA’s NEW Infrared Thermometer OS499 Series

OS499 image showing dual laer aiming

OS499 Series infrared thermometers with dual laser aiming, Type K thermocouple capability and more…

Stamford, CT USA – The OS499 series of fully functional infrared non-contact temperature measuring devices feature dual aiming lasers for better targeting as well as Type-K thermocouple (TC) readout.

The OS499 Series are battery-powered, portable non-contact infrared thermometers with contact temperature sensor compatibility with Type K thermocouple features built-in.

The OS499 series have a very long battery life (typical 8 days) that is obtained from 2 “AAA” batteries (included).

Two models are available now. They are the OS499L-12, with a 12:1 Distance to spot size ratio (D/S) that covers the -60 to 550 °C (-76 to 1022 °F) temperature range.

The OS499L-30 model has a 30:1 D/S and covers the wider temperature range of -60 to 760 °C (-76 to 1400 °F).

A backlit display enables night and low light viewing.

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Future inside – smart environmental sensing technology

By Klaus Hirzel
TitleIn the past 100 years, environmental sensors have mainly been used to forecast the weather. In the past ten years, these sensing technologies have spread significantly – they now help to optimize many industrial processes.

Renewable energy (sun & wind), building automation, high-speed train management and driverless cars are important examples. All of them, and this is crucial, require environmental sensors with features that are very different from those of traditional weather sensors.

This blog post gives you a simple instruction how to ensure to get precise data and how to deal with your weather sensor equipment the best way… Continue reading

Compact Combination Freeze Dryer / Vacuum Concentrator


Genevac miVac SpeedTrap cold trap

Ipswich, UK  —  Genevac has announced that its popular miVac SpeedTrap cold trap can now be used for freeze drying or configured as a combined concentration / freeze drying workstation with a miVac vacuum concentrator.

Utilising the updated miVac SpeedTrap with continuous chill mode in conjunction with the miVac Super Vacuum pump, up to 250ml of water, or other solvents such as 1,4- dioxane, may be freeze dried in a single operation.

Samples to be dried are simply placed in the rotor of the miVac concentrator and dried at full vacuum.

The vacuum boils the samples at below their freezing point, therefore the samples freeze and the ice sublimes away, leaving the sample as a dry powder. Continue reading

FLIR’s new long-range pan/tilt thermal security camera

 PT-602CZ seen at IFSEC 2015


New Infrared Surveillance Camera

Online — FLIR Systems showcasied a new affordable pan/tilt thermal security camera at this year’s IFSEC exhibition in London 15 – 18 June 2015.

The FLIR PT-602CZ pan/tilt, multi-sensor security camera delivers thermal imaging from a long-life cooled, midwave thermal detector that delivers a lower cost of ownership and provides excellent long-range perimeter intrusion detection and surveillance.

Now with a two-year warranty, the multi-sensor allows users to see two times farther than uncooled thermal security cameras — even in complete darkness, bright sunlight, or through dust and haze. Continue reading

National Guard of Virginia relies on photovoltaics monitoring by Lufft

By Ann Pattison

Titelbild Schenider Solar Weather Station Virginia

Online  —  The solar industry is growing in the United States. As the environmental conditions of big photovoltaic plants need to be observed before and after installation, the weather sensors from Lufft are a perfect match for this application field.

The mulifunctional weather stations combine different sensors in one housing. Furthermore, different models come with different accuracies – therefore, every need is met!

This article reports on the actual solar related figures and a significant project from Lufft USA. Continue reading

2015 DrySyn Classic Heating Block

Even Faster & Better Than Oil Baths

2015 DrySyn Classic Heating Block

2015 DrySyn Classic Heating Blocks

Isleham, UK — New engineering techniques have enabled Asynt to develop the latest generation of DrySyn Classic Heating Blocks which deliver faster heating rates and unmatched safety features.

Completely compatible with all previous models, the 2015 DrySyn Classic Heating Block range offers excellent heat transfer performance up to 300 °C, faster heating rates and stronger coupling for magnetic stirring, all in a compact footprint.

The 2015 DrySyn Classic Heating Block includes as standard heat resistant safety lifting handles to allow fast, easy and safe lifting of your reaction flask from the heater/stirrer.

To enhance its versatility – removable and adjustable feet enable the 2015 DrySyn Classic Heating Block to be used with all magnetic stirring hotplates. Continue reading

Cooled Vs Uncooled Infrared Thermal Imaging Cameras

Discover The Difference!

FLIR Technical Note HeaderMeer, Belgium -A technical note from FLIR Systems addresses the commonly posed question “There is plenty of choice of thermal imaging cameras for R&D and scientific applications, for which applications should I use a cooled or an uncooled system?”

For many years, thermal imaging cameras have been used by scientists, researchers and R&D specialists for a wide range of applications, including industrial R&D, academic research, non-destructive and materials testing as well as defence and aerospace.

The authors of the technical note discuss how uncooled thermal cameras are generally much less expensive than cooled cameras and with fewer moving parts they tend to have much longer service lives than cooled cameras under similar operating conditions. Continue reading

Testo at Appetite for engineering 2015

From Testo Limited Saveris 2 and Thermal Imaging


When: June 18th, 2015

Where: Hinckley Island Hotel, Leicestershire, UK

About Appetite for engineering

This one day event was held at the Hinckley Island Hotel in Leicestershire on Thursday 18th June 2015 where Testo, among others, presented new products and spoke to application in the Food Industry

It aimed to provide those in food and beverage engineering roles with a chance to learn and discuss the current industry situation as well as how the industry can move forward towards efficient engineering.

An impressive venue with an extensive list of guest speakers to match. With guest speakers from Nestle, Bakkavor Group, Moy Park, JDM Food Group, Freshtime UK, Kelloggs and many more, this year’s Appetite for Engineering was a great event Continue reading

Bangkok tightens measures against spread of Mers

Suvarnabhumi Airport

Suvarnabhumi Airport – Thailand – About 30,000 fly in each day from seven countries with MERS infections; no new cases found
IMAGE CREDIT: http://www.nationmultimedia.com/

BANGKOK, Thailand — (NNT) – Following the discovery of the first case of the deadly Mers virus in Thailand, the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration is tightening measures to curb the possible spread of the disease.

All hospitals and clinics in the capital have been warned to screen patients who exhibit respiratory symptoms similar to those of Mers and the people who arrive in Bangkok from at-risk areas.

Quarantine rooms have been prepared for possible arrivals of Mers patients.

Suvarnabhumi Airport will also screen and quarantine passengers returning from Mers-hit countries. Over 1,000 Thai Muslims are currently making a pilgrimage to Hajj in Saudi Arabia, one of the countries with records of Mers outbreaks. Continue reading