IR Thermography-Based Testing System for Press Hardening

Enables Precision Control in Press Hardening

InfraTec-PR-ControDresden, GERMANY — Infrared (IR) Thermography is an established method for monitoring and optimising different manufacturing processes in industry to increase productivity and quality in a very efficient manner.

The new automated thermographic inspection system, PRESS-CHECK, by InfraTec has been specially developed for the control of sheet metal parts in press hardening.

The combination of shaping and hardening of metal sheets for the manufacturing of vehicles, for example, allows for high stability and rigidity of the components while reducing sheet thickness. Continue reading

Smart Lens Technology Enhances Low Contrast Thermal Imaging

Improved Temperature Measurements Quicker

Ultrasonic Smart Lens

FLIR Systems’ Ultrasonic Smart Lens

Meer, Belgium — Ultrasonic Smart Lens technology (USL) is a unique FLIR technology, available for their X6000sc cameras. It demonstrates exceptional results for low contrast thermal imaging applications where optimal focus is difficult to achieve.

USL technology allows the user to remotely adjust the lens focus. Patented FLIR algorithms enhance the speed at which the lenses operate, as well as improving positioning accuracy.

A, integral temperature probe in USL lens  provides unmatched measurement accuracy and drift compensation. This enables fast and precise autofocusing and improved measurement of the temperature of low contrast targets. Continue reading

KAIST’s Thermoelectric Generator on Glass Fabric

“The body becomes a source of energy for mobile devices” (Netexplo)

Wearable Thermoelectric Generator

Wearable Thermoelectric Generator

Daejeon, Korea  —  Wearable computers or devices have been hailed as the next generation of mobile electronic gadgets, from smart watches to smart glasses to smart pacemakers.

For electronics to be worn by a user, they must be light, flexible, and equipped with a power source, which could be a portable, long-lasting battery or no battery at all but a generator.

How to supply power in a stable and reliable manner is one of the most critical issues to commercialize wearable devices.

A team of KAIST researchers headed by Byung Jin Cho, a professor of electrical engineering, proposed a solution to this problem by developing a glass fabric-based thermoelectric (TE) generator that is extremely light and flexible and produces electricity from the heat of the human body. Continue reading

First Global Rainfall & Snowfall Map

NASA Global Precipitation Measurement Mission Result

Like a lead violin tuning an orchestra, the GPM Core Observatory – launched one year ago on Feb. 27, 2014, as a collaboration between NASA and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency – acts as the standard to unify precipitation measurements from a network of 12 satellites.

The result is NASA’s Integrated Multi-satellite Retrievals for GPM data product, called IMERG, which combines all of these data from 12 satellites into a single, seamless map. Continue reading

Compact RH & Temp Transmitter for HVAC & Building Technology

RH/T probe only 6 mm diameter!

EE150 humidity & temperature transmitter

EE150 Relative Humidity & Temperature Transmitter

Franklin MA, USA  —  The new EE150 duct mount transmitter has been optimized specifically for use in the HVAC and building technology sector and is characterized by a compact and installation-friendly design.

Thanks to the external mounting holes it is not necessary to open the IP65 / NEMA 4 enclosure for mounting.

This means that the electronics are protected against construction site pollution. For duct mounting the RH/T probe of just 6 mm in diameter does not require a hole any larger than a standard T probe. Continue reading

Omega’s Handheld Bluetooth® Transmitter

Turns Smart Devices into DAQs & more…

Handheld Bluetooth® Transmitter

Handheld Wireless Temps, RH & pH Transmitter

Stamford CT, USA – The OMEGA UWBT Series of Bluetooth® transmitters combine the accuracy of an industrial sensor/transmitter with the convenience of smartphones and tablets.

The OMEGA UWBT measures different sensor inputs such as thermocouple (TC), RTD, relative humidity (RH), and pH and transmits the data  via wireless Bluetooth® communication to your smart phone or tablet running the free UWBT app.

The free OMEGA UWBT app has many features including the ability to be configured in 9 different languages, can be paired with multiple transmitters simultaneously, monitors and logs sensor data on your smart phone or tablet, and displays sensor data in digital, graph, or gauge format. Continue reading

Fluke TiX series takes IR Thermal Imaging Cameras higher

They feature a 5.7 inch responsive LCD touchscreen & more…

Fluke Corp t TiX560 / The TiX560 and TiX520

Fluke Corp TiX560 and TiX520

EVERETT WA, USA  — /PRNewswire/ —  With a full 180-degree articulating lens and 5.7 inch touchscreen, the new Fluke® TiX560 and TiX520 Infrared (IR) Thermal Imaging Cameras enable thermographers to easily navigate over, under, and around objects to preview and capture images with ease.

The cameras are ideal for predictive maintenance, R&D, oil and gas, and utility applications where flexibility and higher resolution are essential.

The large,  5.7 inch, responsive LCD touchscreens enables thermographers to quickly identify issues while still in the field as well as easily edit images directly on the camera, eliminating time in the office; time better spent solving the problem. Continue reading

Vaisala’s NEW Triple Sensor for Online Transformer Condition Monitoring

Reliable Moisture, Hydrogen and Temperature Transmitter

MHT410 Moisture, Hydrogen and Temperature Transmitter for Online Transformer Condition Monitoring

MHT410 Moisture, Hydrogen and Temperature Transmitter for Online Transformer Condition Monitoring

Helsinki, Finland — Vaisala’s new Moisture, Hydrogen and Temperature Transmitter MHT410 continuously monitors changes in high-voltage transformer insulating oil.

Vaisala’s unique probe solution allows the device to provide accurate real-time measurements and trend data which facilitates reliable decision-making.

The MHT410 swiftly recognizes transformer fault conditions allowing Vaisala’s customers to resolve potential problems before any further damage is done.

Having real-time data also allows for predictive maintenance planning which helps our customers minimize expensive service shutdowns and outages.
Continue reading

Thermal Imaging for Science and R&D Handbook

A pdf download for desk/laptop or iBook on iPad

FLIR Thermal Imaging for Science and R&D

FLIR Thermal Imaging for Science and R&D

Meer, Belgium — FLIR Systems have published a new handbook, available as an interactive pdf or iBook for iPad, that allows you to discover thermal imaging applications advances that researchers are making around the world.

Researchers and engineers are using FLIR research grade thermal imaging cameras every day to solve challenges that are difficult by other means, or to improve on, or replace time consuming techniques like IR thermocouples.

Thermal imaging cameras provide non-contact temperature measurement, image through some materials or make the invisible visible using spectral filtering, capture high speed thermal events, synchronize cameras to other instruments and perform thermal microscopy measurements.
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