Checking temps in commercial dishwashers

DeltaTrak’s Waterproof Dishwasher Thermometer Kit

Waterproof Dishwasher Thermometer Kit

Waterproof Dishwasher Thermometer Kit

Pleasanton CA, USA – The Waterproof Dishwasher Thermometer Kit (P/N: 12211) is designed specifically for checking temperatures inside commercial dishwashers.

This kit comes with an accurate, application-proven Waterproof Lollipop Probe Thermometer (P/N: 11036) and an improved waterproof, flexible plastic protective Heat Shield (P/N: 12208).

The Waterproof Lollipop Probe Thermometer has minimum and maximum memory features and records the lowest and highest temperature, between -58 °F and 392 °F (-50 °C to 200 °C) with ± 1 °F (+/- 0.5 °C), measured since the last reset.

This Waterproof Dishwasher Thermometer Kit is ideal for verifying dishwasher and holding temperatures for HACCP compliance.

The Waterproof Lollipop Probe Thermometer is NIST Traceable and CE marked.

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Building thermography ebook on sale

Using blower door & heat flux meter also

Building Thermography ebook

Building Thermography ebook cover

Online —  This is a 354 page ebook about Infrared thermography applied to topic of buildings, that approaches the application from both theoretical and practical views.

Thermography is explained with a many thermal images as examples for physical consequences of formulae.

Case histories of several kinds of inspections are developed, from moisture and mold, to thermal bypass, to water infiltrations, to façade delamination, to building energy efficiency and construction defects.

Error sources in measuring surface temperature with thermography are described in detail with several examples, so that the book is invaluable for the beginner, but also interesting for the skilled. Continue reading



G54 Picture

New self-contained pyrometer model the stand-alone PSC-G54NL/NV

Franklin Lakes NJ, USA — Process Sensors Corporation introduces its newest self-contained pyrometer models, the stand-alone PSC-G54NL/NV and PSC-S54NL/NV.

With a choice of two sighting methods, these products deliver high resolution fixed focus optics with small spot sizes, digital RS485 communication interface, analog 4 to 20 mA output and fast speed of response.

Optical and electronics parts are enclosed in rugged stainless steel housings. Continue reading

Fluke’s P3 Series Thermal Imagers

3.7-inch diagonal, full VGA-color LCD displays

Screen Shot P3sEVERETT WA, USA. – Fluke Corporation  introduces the P3 Series of handheld Thermal Imagers.

These thermal imagers deliver proven, practical performance for a wide range of diagnostic applications.

Based on the award-winning Ti32, the P3 Series adds additional products providing high-performance imagers for any budget.

The P3 Series includes the Ti32 and TiR32 models, plus the new Ti27 and Ti29 models for industrial, electrical, mechanical, and process applications; and TiR27 and TiR29 models for building inspection, energy audit, weatherization, and building maintenance applications. Continue reading

Carbon Ceramic Sensors (CCS) for cryogenic temps

From Temati in Oxford UK


Thermal Anchoring Carbon Ceramic Thermometers

Oxford, UK — Carbon Ceramic Sensors (CCS) are produced from the latest generation of optimised tvo resistors.

Carbon Ceramic temperature sensors adhere to a single resistance vs. temperature curve and are suitable for measurements in the range 1 to 375 Kelvin in cryogenic systems.

They have excellent long term stability and repeatability of cryogenic temperature measurement, plus their robust construction provides superior performance under the harshest of conditions. Continue reading

NEW Fluke DAQ 6.0 Application Software

Provides effortless analysis for Fluke 1586A Super-DAQ & more…

Fluke DAQ trending

Fluke DAQ trending

Everett WA, USA — Introducing how one can log, chart and analyze 1586A Super-DAQ data from your computer.

Fluke DAQ DAQ 6.0 Application Software is praised by users for its versatile handling of data acquisition and logging.

Key features include data trend charting, file handling, web interface, web control and convenient print functions for charts.

Fluke DAQ 6.0 Application software is used with the Fluke Calibration 1586A Super-DAQ Precision Temperature Scanner as part of an automated system for temperature sensor calibration, thermal mapping or process monitoring. Continue reading

Spectroscopic technique enhances monitoring of pharmaceutical freeze drying

by William J. Kessler, Physical Sciences Inc.

The LyoFlux® 200 TDLAS Used in Freeze Drying Monitoring & Control

The LyoFlux® 200 TDLAS Used in Freeze Drying Monitoring & Control

Online — SP Scientific has published a new white paper, Application of TDLAS to Monitoring Pharmaceutical Lyophilization, on its website that examines the benefits of applying Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy (TDLAS) for monitoring of pharmaceutical freeze drying processes.

The paper discusses how, through the combination of TDLAS Near-IR spectroscopic measurements and a well-established heat and mass transfer model describing freeze drying, users can obtain information about key process parameters affecting end product quality.

The white paper provides an informative introduction to the physics behind the TDLAS principle of operation. Continue reading


New SPOT series from AMETEK Land over 250 to 1800 C range

Self-contained SPOT Series infrared pyrometers

Self-contained SPOT Series infrared pyrometers

Dronfield, UK — A new series of fully integrated SPOT infrared pyrometers providing high accuracy, flexibility and ease of use has been introduced by AMETEK Land.

The SPOT infrared pyrometer product line uses a patented, pulsed green LED to confirm spot size and focus, eliminating the safety concerns found with laser-based sighting.

There are eight SPOT infrared pyrometer models spanning temperatures from 250 to 1800 °C (484 to 3272 °F) with wavelengths ranging from 1.0 to 1.6 µm.

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IRCameras & Leak Surveys Introduce the Niatros™

Optical Gas Imaging Infrared Cameras for LDAR Market

Download the Niatros Datasheet

Niatros – Click to Download the Niatros Datasheet

Santa Barbara CA, USA – IRCameras (IRC) and Leak Surveys (LSI), an authority on hydrocarbon gas leak detection, have announced the availability of the Niatros™ series of infrared optical gas imaging OEM cameras.

Designed for fixed mounted, UAS and gimbal solutions, Niatros™ provides the first OEM Core solution designed specifically for the Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR) market.

“The partnership between IRC and LSI allows us to fill a void in the industry by offering a fixed solution that is not currently available in the LDAR market today,” said David Furry, president of LSI.

“Up until now, gas leaks were only detected when a handheld device was used. But with the Niatros™, we can provide continuous monitoring 24/7, 365 days a year.”

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