Next-Gen 12:1 Dual Laser IR Thermometer

Thermometer features “Tough Meter” durability with two meter (6.6 ft.) drop protection


IR2000A 12:1 dual laser infrared thermometer

Lincolnshire IL, USA – Klein Tool expands its “Tough Meter” Test & Measurement product line by offering a durable 12:1 Dual Laser Infrared Thermometer (Cat. No. IR2000A) to measure the temperature of transformers, motors, compressors, ducts, electrical circuits, valves, vents, etc.

The IR2000A is a 12:1 dual laser infrared thermometer that provides a more confident indication of the circumference of measurement than a single laser gun.

With dual lasers, the gun measures the temperature of a circular area that falls between the two laser points, providing a clear measurement area.

In addition, drop protection of up to two meters or 6.6 ft., makes the 12:1 Dual Laser Infrared Thermometer a tough, reliable meter for the job site. Continue reading

AIDS Research Lab Receives Lifetime Accsense Temp Monitoring

Temp Monitoring Systems for Biorepositories & Clinics


AIDS Research Lab’s Lifetime Temperature Monitoring System

CHESTERLAND OH, USA — CAS DataLoggers has just granted the University of Southern California’s Maternal, Child, and Adolescent Virology Research Laboratory a Lifetime Monitoring Subscription for their Accsense Temperature Monitoring System.

Laboratory Manager Patricia Anthony, CLS, MT (ASCP) explains, “Our lab operates on a small NIH budget (Natl. Institute of Health) for pediatric AIDS research as part of IMPAACT (International Maternal Pediatric Adolescent AIDS Clinical Trials Network.)

“Even with the most recent publicity of the Mississippi baby’s and the Long Beach baby’s need for a cure from Dr. Anthony Fauci and Dr. Deborah Persaud, a fellow IMPAACT researcher, funding has decreased significantly in recent years and we have been forced to cut our staff budgets and operating costs.”

“One of our ongoing projects is to maintain Lab Director Dr. Andrea Kovacs’ 25-year repository of specimens–these samples are irreplaceable. Your Accsense Monitoring system assists us in this endeavor. With this repository our scientists have been able to produce vital research presented at CROI and IDSA in this past year along with numerous papers in progress.”

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Ge-Sn Could Mean Better & Cheaper IR Cameras

Material can also be used to develop faster computer chips

Fisher Yu, University of Arkansas

Fisher Yu, University of Arkansas

FAYETTEVILLE AK, USA – Newswise — – Engineering researchers at the University of Arkansas have fabricated a new semiconductor material , germanium tin deposited in layers on a substrate of silicon, that could be used to build better and less expensive infrared cameras for smartphones and vehicles.

“The performance of these simple structures indicates a promising future for germanium tin photodetectors,” said Fisher Yu, associate professor of electrical engineering.

“The crystalline growth of these samples in a commercially available reactor allows for these infrared detectors to be available for immediate commercial implementation.”

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Compact Xmitters for Moisture in Air & Oil

Dew Point In-Line Transmitter


EE354 Dew point Transmitter

Online  —  E+E Elektronik Corp’s EE354 transmitter is known for its high accuracy with excellent long-term stability and temperature compensation over the entire working temperature range.

It is especially optimized for dew point monitoring of refrigeration dryers.

The small dimensions and robust, IP65 stainless steel enclosure make the EE354 ideal for harsh OEM applications with space constraints.

NEW Moisture in Oil In-Line Transmitter

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It’s Time for Moisture Measurement Change

Visit Mitchell Instruments at 2014 ASGMT* School – 22-25 September 2014 Booth #76

Screen Shot Online — Moisture measurement in natural gas is vital for anyone involved in processing, storage or transmission.

It’s also traditionally been one of the most difficult measurements to perform successfully: natural gas sources are generally dirty, corrosive and at a high pressure.

There is now a solution to this problem.

Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy (TDLAS) is the most modern technology developed to measure moisture in natural gas – but until now most systems have had very similar performance. Continue reading

Bespoke Laboratory Apparatus for Demanding Applications

Asynt ReactoMate reaction vessels scientific glassware

Asynt Reacto Mate reaction vessels scientific glassware

Isleham, UK  —  Drawing upon the in-depth knowledge of its technical staff and a flexible production facility, Asynt is able to offer organizations custom specified laboratory apparatus exactly meeting the demands of their application or project.

Asynt custom services draw upon expertise in areas including high pressure reactors, heating / cooling block technology, scientific glassware, PTFE components and apparatus as well as noise and safety enclosures. Continue reading

Ebola Outbreak & ISIS Sessions Added at ASIS 2014

Additions to Education Lineup

ASIS2014 show logoOnline  —  Two new “ripped from the headlines” education sessions have been added to the ASIS 2014 lineup: Be Prepared as Ebola Outbreak Grows and The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS): An Evolving Threat .

Be Prepared as Ebola Outbreak Grows
Wednesday, Oct. 1
3:30-4:30 pm
Session: 4301

The World Health Organization indicates that the spread of the current Ebola outbreak in West Africa is accelerating and expected to infect 20,000 people before it can be contained. This is the deadliest Ebola outbreak in recorded history, infecting 1,200 people and killing more than 700 so far.

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