ThermoAnalytics releases version 11.3 of their software suite

New Features & Enhancements for RadTherm, RadThermIR, PowerTHERM, MuSES, WinTherm

Truck Rendering

Truck Rendering

Calumet MI, USA — This new version provides a major upgrade to the Graphics Window, support for Phase Change Materials, and many more powerful features to accelerate your CAE analysis and improve your simulation workflow.

New features significantly improve solution speeds and the user experience in Graphics Window Upgrade, Enhanced Fluid Streams, Phase Change Materials, Thermal Reports, Post Processing Enhancements, Battery Model Enhancements, Solar Lamp Enhancements, View Factors and CAE Coupling.

Following are more details about key new features:

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Real-Time Thermography in HD Quality

Thermal Optimization of PCBs with VarioCAM® High Definition

VarioCAM_HD_VarioCAM_HD_head_Notebook_Elektronik_web_ENDresden / GERMANY — The best quality, most unique features and excellent handling make the camera series VarioCAM® High Definition an indispensable tool for professional users.

The individualization options for features enable optimal use in all situations. For example, with this thermal imaging camera, the thermal behavior of PCBs can be documented either as a snapshot or video, allowing for fast and secure data analysis.

The heart of  the  VarioCAM® High Definition camera series consists of two variants of high-resolution microbolometer detectors of the latest generation (640 x 480) or (1,024 x 768) IR pixels, which, in combination with the innovative opto-mechanical MicroScan unit results in delivery of real temperature readings that are 4 times more accurate than the native detector resolution. Continue reading

High Performance IR Lens for Thermal Imaging Applications

40 mm f/2 D-Mount Infrared Lens


307-000 40 mm f/2 Infrared Objective Lens

Chesham, UK  —  The Model 307 from Resolve Optics Ltd. is a new, high performance, 40 mm focal length, Infrared (IR) lens designed specifically for thermal imaging applications in the 8 to 14 µm waveband.

Infrared lenses can often be very expensive and it can be difficult to find a lens that meets your specific needs.

The Germanium Model 307 lenses are anti-reflective coated to ensure high performance (e.g. f/2) throughout the 8 to 14 µm IR waveband.

Operating from zero to 40 °C without refocusing, the fixed focus Model 307 uniquely combines top quality, high throughput, compactness and robustness at an affordable price. Continue reading

RFP: “Wireless Sensor Temperature Measurement”

NineSigma Request For Proposal,  RFP# 9262764

Screen Shot_Image at RFP

Screen Shot of Image at RFP Webpage- Click to visit

Leuven, Belgium  —  NineSigma, representing a Global leader in household appliances, invites proposals for a revolutionary system to measure temperature wirelessly.

NineSigma has agreed that posting this request here may interest other parties with the potential to respond to this request, or who might know of someone with expertise in this area.

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Vaisala’s New Data Logger for Environmental Monitoring

Features Simplified Calibration & Faster Validation

Mid-Range (MR) logger

Vaisala Mid-Range temperature, humidity and contact switch data logger

Helsinki, Finland  —  Vaisala introduces the newest addition to its line of data loggers for continuous monitoring – the Mid-Range (MR) logger.

Staying true to the reliability of the Vaisala DL-series loggers used in GxP-regulated environments, the Mid-Range (MR) logger is designed for applications where speed and economy are critical, and regulatory scrutiny is less stringent.

Combined with the Vaisala Continuous Monitoring System (CMS) the Mid-Range (MR) logger allows users to create presentation-quality reports that are automatically exported to PDF and spreadsheets. Continue reading

Quicker, Easier & Cheaper Modeling of Energy Use of Buildings

ORNL Researchers Develop ‘Autotune’ BEM Software

From an article that originally appeared on the Oak Ridge National Lab website, and was written by Katie Jones.

Learn more about BTO's Building Energy Modeling programORNL buildings researchers Sanyal and principal investigator Joshua New have developed automated, or “Autotune,” calibration software, which reduces the amount of time and expertise needed to optimize building parameters for cost and energy savings.

There are many ways to save energy in residential and commercial buildings.

There are products that use less energy for lighting, heating and cooling; materials that better insulate and seal building envelopes; and architectural and engineering designs that lower utility bills through efficient use of space and renewable energy.

In fact, experts specify up to 3,000 parameters when modeling a building’s energy use.

Building Energy Modeling (BEM) uses computer simulations to estimate energy use and guide the design of new buildings as well as energy improvements to existing buildings. Continue reading

EU Surface Temperature for All Corners of Earth (EUSTACE)

Screen Shot ETNOnline — A consortium led by the Met Office Hadley Centre will undertake a project called EUSTACE (EU Surface Temperature for All Corners of the Earth) within the EU Horizon2020 Framework programme.

Subject to signing of the Grant Agreement, this is expected to start in January 2015.

EUSTACE will attempt to produce globally complete daily analyses of surface air temperature since 1850. Continue reading