FLIR A6200SC Short Wave Infrared (SWIR) Camera

Shown at SPIE.DSS 2015

Online — A short introduction to the new FLIR A6200SC Short Wave Infrared Camera.

The FLIR A6200SC is equipped with an Indium Gallium Arsenide (InGaAs) detector that makes phenomena in the 0.9 to 1.7 ?m or optional 0.4 to 1.7 ?m waveband visible.

The camera produces crisp thermal images of 640 × 512 pixels. It provides great image detail and small spot size for target detection and accurate measurements. Continue reading

Prototype Low Cost Smartphone Thermal Imager

i3system Shows Hi-Res Device at SPIE-DSS 2015

Thermal Expert Prototype

Thermal Expert Prototype
At SPIE.DSS 2015

Baltimore MD, USA  —  i3system showed a prototype high resolution (>110,000 pixels) Smartphone LWIR Thermal Imager named “Thermal Expert”.

It appears intended to compete with the FLIROne and Seek Thermal products already on the market.

i3system already produce LWIR microbolometers in-house with 384X288 @ 25 µm pitch having NETD of <50 mK.

Their LWIR engine reportedly draws less than 3 Watts.

Numbers like $500 per unit with more than 3 times the 32 K pixels of the ~$250 Seek Thermal and were heard resonating on the Expo floor. Continue reading

3rd Gen MicroCAM Infrared Thermal Imaging Core

At SPIE.DSS EXPO from Thermoteknix

MicroCAM 3  ultra-low-power-core

MicroCAM 3 ultra-low-power-core

Baltimore MD, USA — British company Thermoteknix Systems Ltd launched MicroCAM 3 at SPIE DSS 2015 in Baltimore this week.

This new module has higher performance, a faster frame rate, lower power, in a smaller package.

Weighing just 30 g, MicroCAM 3 draws <0.55 W of power and is available in both 384×288 17 µ and 640×480 17 µ formats.

MicroCAM 3 features Thermoteknix patented shutterless XTi Technology® so viewing is never interrupted.

This also does away with moving parts making MicroCAM 3 ultra-reliable, silent and super power-efficient. Continue reading

Temp Measurement Devices @SENSOR+TEST

19-21 May  2015 | Nürnberg Exhibition Center

SENSOR+TEST 2014 Photo,  Courtesy SENSOR + TEST

SENSOR+TEST 2014 Photo,
Courtesy SENSOR + TEST

Nürnberg , Germany  —  The SENSOR+TEST presents a comprehensive portfolio of innovative contactless temperature measurement devices, such as infrared (IR) pyrometers and infrared cameras for spot, line, or scanning measurements.

One method of reliably monitoring molded parts produced by injection molding is thermography.

Real-time thermography in HD quality is offered by an infrared camera with latest-generation high-resolution micro-bolometer detectors with (1,024 x 768) or (640 x 480) IR pixel formats. Continue reading

The global temperature sensors market

To reach USD 6.13 billion by 2020, says Grand View Research

Global temperature sensors market by application, 2012 – 2020

Global temperature sensors market by application, 2012 – 2020

Online  —  Increasing global demand for smarter consumer electronics and automobiles is expected to favor market growth over the forecast period.

Temperature sensors are increasingly used in smartphones and other consumer electronics to monitor their temperature and enhance performance.

Basic temperature sensors include Continue reading

Micronic Introduces New Ultra Low Temp Rack Range

Design optimised for use in ultra-low temperatures

ULT Rack Range

ULT Rack Range

Lelystad, The Netherlands  —  Precision manufactured in a certified Class 7 clean room production facility, the new 24-, 48- and 96-tube Ultra-Low Temperature (ULT) rack range from Micronic are based on the automation compatible ANSI / SLAS dimensional footprint.

Micronic ULT racks incorporate a wealth of useful features to aid automation.

These features include a novel Twist-Lock design which prevents tubes from turning during screw (de)capping; easy lead-in tube and cover placement; closed side walls with minimal notches for perfect rack orientation and a unique automation-friendly cover lock system. Continue reading


Vol. IRW-C, 2015 Edition

Screen Shot Maxtech_logoSarasota, Florida, USA — Maxtech International, Inc. (formerly of Fairfield, Connecticut) is releasing the 2015 edition of its market research report on commercial and dual-use infrared imaging equipment markets (Vol. IRW-C).

World infrared imaging markets are poised to enter a new phase. The development of new low-cost uncooled imaging detector cores and competitive pressures are leading to lower prices in a wide range of applications from thermographic inspections to law enforcement.

At the same time, smartphone thermal imagers at prices under $200 are making the technology available to consumers who have not previously been exposed to infrared imaging. Continue reading

Cloud-based Temp & RH monitoring

Revolutionary Technology by Testo Limited

Savaris: Cloud-based temp and RH monitoring

Savaris: Cloud-based temp and RH monitoring

Alton, UK — Testo Saveris 2 uses revolutionary technology to make analysis both easier and more accurate than ever before.

The Testo Saveris 2’s unique system has been expertly developed by Testo’s measurement technology specialists in Germany’s Black Forest.

This enables users to monitor both temperature and humidity levels easily, anytime and anywhere.

This is without compromising security, or any time consuming software.

How it works: Continue reading