Join IR Cameras at AUVSI’s XPONENTIAL Conference

Unmanned Systems Technology | 9-11 May | Dallas

IRC-logoOnline  —  Visit IR Cameras at AUVSI’s XPONENTIAL (Booth #1814) to see their new high definition infrared imaging products for airborne, mobile ground and fixed platforms.

Located at the Kay Bailey HutchisonConvention Center in Dallas, IRCameras will be featuring its latest innovative infrared technologies for Surveillance and OEM applications. Continue reading

World’s Largest Solar Dataset Validation Study

Vaisala’s comparison of satellite & ground-based measurements

solar-map-globalOnline  —  Vaisala, a leader in environmental and industrial measurement, has released the results of the world’s largest solar dataset validation study undertaken to date.

This extensive verification process, plays a critical role in ensuring that solar resource data stays accurate and consistent across the globe.

In turn, it will support the efforts of international solar developers as the industry expands into important emerging markets within Asia, Africa and Latin America. Continue reading

EL-CC-1 Cold Chain Data Logger

DATAQ Instruments’ New Temperature & Humidity Data Logger

EL-CC-1 Cold Chain Data Logger Akron, OH, USA  — Designed for cold chain monitoring, the EL-CC-1 logs a time and date stamped temperature reading every 10 minutes, and provides a visual indication when temperatures rise above or fall below pre-configured limits.

Three different versions of the EL-CC-1 are available; one for chilled foods (35.6 °F to 46.4 °F), one for frozen foods (-4 °F to 3.2 °F), and one for ripening foods (53.6 °F to 57.2 °F). Continue reading

Profiling Oven Cure Painted & Powder Coated Products

DATAPAQ EasyTrack3: more memory, easy handling

DATAPAQ EasyTrack3Online — The newest generation DATAPAQ® EasyTrack®3 system makes profiling oven cure of painted and powder-coated products as easy as never before.

Fluke® Process Instruments has equipped the DATAPAQ® EasyTrack®3 data logger with a rugged and light polycarbonate casing that withstands harsh treatment and heat up to 100 °C without distortion and without harm to the electronics.

Versions with four or six thermocouple channels are available. Data is stored in a non-volatile memory – the capacity has been tripled to up to 18,000 readings per channel.

Continue reading

“How to Choose Your IR Camera”

A free webinar by Telops

telops2 May 2017 | 10:30 am & 9:30 pm Eastern Time

Online — Want to know how to choose the best infrared camera for your application? Do you need multispectral, high speed, or high definition?

Join Telops in their free 40-minute webinar! Continue reading

Demands for HVAC in Smart Buildings

Smart Buildings & Indoor Air Measurement

CEN-G-HVAC-KN-Smart_buildings-April_2017Online  — As buildings use 40 % of the total annual energy consumption, it’s evident that buildings should be made smarter to save energy without compromising the well-being of its inhabitants.

To reach viable results, building system control needs to be based on reliable indoor air measurements. Continue reading

Optimised Thermal Infrared Camera for Electronics Development & Testing

FLIR’s New ETS320 Thermal Imaging Solution

FLIR ETS320 thermal imaging solutionMeer, Belgium — FLIR Systems has announced the launch of the FLIR ETS320 thermal imaging solution for electronics testing in engineering benchtop environments.

As the first FLIR camera designed specifically for benchtop work in testing and analyzing the thermal characteristics of electronic components and printed circuit boards (PCBs), the FLIR ETS320 aims to advance testing and diagnosis accuracy in the electronics industry.

The FLIR ETS320 combines a high-sensitivity thermal camera – engineered for imaging PCBs and other electronics – with an adjustable, hands-free table stand to provide consistent, non-contact thermal testing through the entire electronics design, development and production process.

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NOAA Awards Earth Networks 5-Year, Multi-Million Dollar Contract For Advanced Total Lightning Data

By Earth Networks

NOAA Awards Earth Networks 5-Year, Multi-Million Dollar Contract For Advanced Total Lightning DataNOAA, National Weather Service will leverage advanced data from Earth Networks Total Lightning Network to improve severe weather detection, early warnings and prediction.

Germantown, MD, USA — Earth Networks has announced that it has been awarded a five-year, $2.5 million contract by The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) National Weather Service (NWS). Continue reading

NEW SmartHeat SLT Thin-Film Heaters

Minco’s SmartHeat SLT heaters

SmartHeat SLT Thin-Film HeatersMinneapolis, MN, USA – Minco Products, Inc. announces the launch of SmartHeat SLT (Self-Limiting Technology) line of heaters.

Minco’s SmartHeat SLT heaters offer a smart alternative to traditional heaters and temperature control devices in Aerospace, Defense, and Medical applications, providing self-limiting control at prescribed temperatures as well as self-tuning capability in dynamic environments.

The control mechanism is inherent to the polymer inner-lay material at every point across the heater’s surface. Continue reading

NEW Condensation Monitor with Switch Output

E+E’s Model EE046

EE046Online. — The compact EE046 Condensation Monitor monitors the condensation danger on chilled beams and other critical cold spots, in air conditioning systems or switching cabinets.

The EE046 Condensation Monitor can be mounted on plane surfaces and pipes up to 50 mm (2”) diameter and measures accurately the relative humidity of the air at surface temperature.

A potential-free relay (max. 24 V AC/DC, 1 A) switches when the relative humidity reaches 90% RH or in case of a supply failure or a broken cable. Continue reading

GOES-S Undergoes Thermal Vacuum Testing

By CSA Editor

Online — In March, engineers at Lockheed Martin Space Systems lifted NOAA’s Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite-S (GOES-S) satellite into a thermal vacuum chamber to begin testing its ability to function in the cold void of space at its orbit 22,300 miles above the Earth.

To simulate the environment of space, researchers removed air from the chamber and cooled it below -100 °C.

Inside the chamber, the satellite will experience four cycles of extreme cold to extreme heat over a period of 45 days. Continue reading

GE Healthcare Acquires Cryogenic Cold Chain Specialists

By CSA Editor

Online — GE Healthcare has acquired Asymptote Limited, a company specializing in cryochain technology for sensitive cellular therapies.

The acquisition fills a critical gap in GE Healthcare’s end-to-end ecosystem of products and services for cell therapy production, according to GE, and will be an important piece of the portfolio enabling the industrialization of these life-saving therapies.

Asymptote designed its integrated suite of cryochain hardware, software and consumables to maintain the potency of cellular therapies, enabling ultralow temperature freezing during production. Continue reading