NEW FLIR K45 Thermal Imaging Camera for Firefighters

FDIC Capt. Jason Ellison introduces the FLIR K45 thermal imaging camera

Online  —  In this video, FDIC Captain Jason Ellison introduces the new FLIR K45 thermal imaging camera (TIC) for firefighting.

Built for easy, one-handed operation, the K45 features five video modes with Flexible Scene Enhancement (FSX) for ultra-crisp thermal images in the darkest, smokiest environments.

At less than $4,200, the K45 is affordable enough to be on every truck. Continue reading

11th Asian Thermophysical Properties Conference 2016 (ATPC2016)

October 2 ( Sun ) – 6 ( Thu ) , 2016 | Pacifico YOKOHAMA Annex Hall, JAPAN

Screen Shot Asia-Pacific Thermophysical Properties Conference 2016Online  —  The present Conference is the 11th in a series of very successful international conference on Thermophysical Properties held in Asia since 1986.

Although it is named as “Asian”, this is one of three world-wide conferences on thermophysical properties, namely the European Conference on Thermophysical Properties (ECTP), the Symposium on Thermophysical Properties (STP – June 2015 in the United States) and the Asian Thermophysical Properties Conference (ATPC).

Each conference is successively held every three years under the agreement of the International Thermophysics Congress.

Previous locations are:

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NEW OSXL-TIM3 thermal imaging camera

$950.00 USD


Omega Engineering’s OSXL-TIM3

Stamford CT, USA — Omega’s OSXL-TIM3 thermal imaging camera measures from -20 to 250 °C (-4 to 482 °F) and displays the thermal image and temperature.

The OSXL-TIM3 can save the thermal images to a micro SD card (included).

Software that transfers images to a PC is also included for image review and reporting of the details on the saved images.

  • Fully Automatic
  • Focus Free
  • Outstanding Measurement and Accuracy
  • Compact and Lightweight
  • SD Card Storage (SD Card Included)
  • Reporting Software Included (Compatible with Windows® 7 & 8)

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Lufft ceilometers and the determination of official standards

By Guest Author


Berlin, Germany  —  Within the last few weeks, two high value tenders were assigned to Lufft – one from the “KNMI” (Dutch Royal Weather Service), and the other one from the largest German Weather Service “DWD” (“Deutscher Wetterdienst”).

Both of them were looking for a cloud height sensor capable of measurements to altitudes of12 kilometers.

The Lufft CHM 15k can detect different cloud layers up to 15 kilometers high.

More ceilometer facts are in the following article from the Lufft blog. Continue reading

Reactor System Optimised for Exothermic & Large Scale Reactions

Asynt Ltd.introduces Baffled Controlled Lab Reactor**

Screen ShotReaciton system

ReactoMate Baffled Controlled Lab Reactor

Isleham, UK  —  By using specially designed PTFE baffle blades together with a PTFE turbine stirrer, Asynt now offers scientists a new version of their 5000 ml ReactoMate Controlled Lab Reactor system, a baffled unit that is built to mix reactions more quickly and effectively.

Asynt’s ReactoMate Baffled Controlled Lab Reactor system has been shown to improve reproducibility of results, increase selectivity and reduce potentially unwanted side reactions as a result of its ability to provide fast mixing and dispersion, for a wide range of exothermic and large scale reactions.

Most reaction vessels used by research chemists employ simple anchor or turbine stirring devices, both of which move liquid very well but usually they produce a circular direction with a vortex created in the centre.

Despite this mixing looking dramatic the time, in such devices, for reactants to mix / disperse homogeneously with anchor or turbine stirrers is relatively slow.

This may not be an issue when the reaction under study is slow and non-exothermic.

However exothermic reactions such as hydrogenation, nitration, polymerisation, acid / base neutralisation and catalysis, especially those that require efficient cooling, can be seriously affected by slow dispersion during reagent addition.

Similarly, many reactions that work well in a lab flask often, when scaled up above 1000 ml, can also suffer seriously from this dispersion issue.

In addition to the new 5000 ml system, Asynt offers a special reactor lid, baffles and stirrer for customers to upgrade their existing suitable reaction vessels.  Other size ReactoMate Baffled Controlled Lab Reactor systems are available as custom orders.

For further information please visit (select downloads).or contact Asynt on +44-1638-781709 /

Asynt is a leading supplier of affordable products, consumables and services for chemists in industry and academia.  With staff of trained chemists – Asynt is able to draw upon this in-depth applications knowledge to provide a high level of customer support for its DrySyn Heating Blocks, Controlled Lab Reactors, Synthesis Tools, Evaporators, Circulators, Temperature Control Systems, Vacuum Pumps and Laboratory Safety Equipment.

**  Created in conjunction with IPOS – a research group contained with the University of Huddersfield, UK – see

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tel: +44-1638-781709

Lascar Introduces Vaccine Monitoring Dataloggers

Vaccine Temp Recorders Exceed CDC Guidelines

wireless_dataloggersCHESTERLAND OH, USA — The Lascar EasyLog family of wireless data loggers is a low-cost series of standalone USB and WiFi-enabled sensors allowing accurate and continuous vaccine temperature monitoring.

Exceeding CDC guidelines on temperature data loggers used for vaccination storage, these sensors are supplied with glycol bottles, calibration certificates and magnetic clips for mounting to a refrigerator. Continue reading

Thermal Imaging Resolution Enhancement Technology

Boosts image quality & improves distance-to-spot ratio

FLIR Tsc-series

FLIR Tsc-series handheld research and science cameras

Meer, Belgium — FLIR Systems has introduced UltraMax technology for its range of Tsc-series handheld research and science cameras.

With the new UltraMax feature, researchers can further improve the resolution of native thermal images for even greater clarity and a higher level of temperature measurement accuracy.

Available on FLIR’s latest T430sc, T450sc, T630sc, and T650sc cameras, UltraMax is a form of FLIR’s patented DDE image enhancement technology that captures a series of thermal images in their original resolution in a rapid burst. Continue reading

Lufft VENTUS Ultrasonic Wind Sensor Proven for Offshore Operation

By Ann Pattison


Actual events show that the ultrasonic wind sensor VENTUS from Lufft is on the road to success.

Our colleague from Lufft USA Ann Pattison summed up all recent success stories and explains what features the VENTUS-UMB…

The Lufft Ultrasonic Anemometer VENTUS-UMB successfully completed the test at the International Technical Inspection Agency TUEV SUED and now has the Protection Class IP68.

This confirms officially that the sensor is one of a few Ultrasonic Anemometers, protected from infiltration of dust as well as from extended submersion in water. Continue reading

Touchscreen Evaporator Simplifies Solvent Removal

Features latest touchscreen technology & more…

Series 3 HT evaporator

Series 3 HT evaporator

Ipswich, UK & Stone Ridge NY, USA — The all new Series 3 HT evaporator range from Genevac represents the ultimate in solvent removal technology.

Incorporating new high performance vacuum pump, the latest touchscreen technology and a sleek ergonomic design the Series 3 HT evaporator makes optimising your evaporation processes effortless.

New intuitive touchscreen controls enhances monitoring and review of the whole evaporation process. For popular solvent removal protocols pre-set ‘Press & Go’ methods makes operation easy and productive even for occasional users. Continue reading