Pyroelectric Detector LMM-274 for Gas Analysis now available

New, High Sensitivity Four-Channel Detector with Single-Supply Operation


InfraTec LMM-274

Dresden, Germany  —  With the new LMM-274, InfraTec now offers a low-power detector with four channels, so that three gases can be measured simultaneously and a reference channel is also available.

Due to the high sensitivity of more than 90 kV/W, the LMM-274 is ideal for gas analysis in the wavelength range of 8 to 12 micrometers (microns) and can be used to identify alcohol or chlorinated hydrocarbons.

The extremely low power consumption of 40 ?W at 2.7 V particularly suits requirements for the operation of portable infrared gas analyzers.

Due to the very high signal voltage – up to several 100 mV – they can easily be coupled with a microcontroller. Continue reading


Sensors immune to RFI & EMI emissions + intrinsically safe

Fotemp1-4 Fiber optic thermometer

Fotemp1-4 Fiber optic thermometer

Dresden, Germany — Due to the growing demand of energy, existing power plants and grids are stretched to their limits.

To ensure operational safety, critical factors such as temperature has to be monitored in generators and transformers.

High power generators are often filled with hydrogen in order to cool effectively. In addition,  the heavily contaminated electromagnetic environment has a high risk for explosions.

Optocon AG in Germany offers a variety of fiber optic temperature measuring devices, fiber optic temperature sensors and accessories for temperature monitoring in oil-filled power transformers.

You can enjoy all the benefits of the fiber optic measurement principle. Continue reading

Temp Measurement Installation Best Practices

Learn at Emerson Interactive Webinars

Webinar Dates & Times: Tuesday | 2 Dec. 2014 | 9 am US/Central

Screen Shot Emerson LogoOnline — You have designed and purchased the optimal temperature measurement system to meet the performance requirements of your process.

Your job is done, right?

Wrong, because if it is not installed properly, the actual measurement results can fall short of expectations. Continue reading

Far-infrared surface emissivity and climate

An Online Article at the PNAS* Website

By Daniel R. Feldmana, 1, William D. Collinsa,b, Robert Pincusc, Xianglei Huangd, and Xiuhong Chend

Author Affiliations
Edited by Robert E. Dickinson, The University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX, and approved October 7, 2014 (received for review July 22, 2014)

The article  begins,


“We find that many of the Earth’s climate variables, including surface temperature, outgoing longwave radiation, cooling rates, and frozen surface extent, are sensitive to far-IR surface emissivity, a largely unconstrained, temporally and spatially heterogeneous scaling factor for the blackbody radiation from the surface at wavelengths between 15 ?m and 100 ?m.

“We also describe a previously unidentified mechanism that amplifies high-latitude and high-altitude warming in finding significantly lower values of far-IR emissivity for ocean and desert surfaces than for sea ice and snow.

“This leads to a decrease in surface emission at far-IR wavelengths, reduced cooling to space, and warmer radiative surface temperatures.

“Far-IR emissivity can be measured from spectrally resolved observations, but such measurements have not yet been made.”

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Metrology for air temperature

9 December 2014 | NPL | UK

Screen Shot_NPL_LogoTeddington, UK  —  This meeting on Metrology for air temperature, will include presentations on several subjects related to air temperature, covering measurement techniques, calibration, uncertainty evaluation, and applications of air temperature measurement.

It is part  set of one day meetings held jointly by NPL and UKAS, known as “NPL-UKAS Measurement Days.

Air temperature measurements are made in all walks of life. They are particularly important in study of climate and weather, in environmental testing, and wherever any thermal environment needs to be precisely measured and controlled. Continue reading


Nine Different Lens Options

Viento 320 Thermal Infrared Camera

Hood River OR, USA  –  Sierra-Olympic Technologies, Inc. announces the first in a series of affordable, uncooled microbolometer thermal infrared cameras for industrial, machine vision, and general purpose thermal imaging applications. with nine optical options.

The new Viento 320 thermal infrared camera features 320 x 240 pixel resolution with a 17-micron pixel pitch.

Intuitive and easy to integrate into new or existing systems, the Viento 320 uncooled thermal infrared camera has user-selectable NTSC or PAL analog video and simultaneous 14-bit/8-bit, Camera Link® digital video outputs.

Viento 320 thermal infrared cameras include standard connector interfaces and standard mechanical interfaces which are absent in many other low-cost thermal imagers. Continue reading


Compact AMETEK Rotron units mount in standard 19” electronic equipment racks

Compact Liquid cooling Heat Exchanger Assembly

Compact Liquid cooling Heat Exchanger Assembly mounts in 19” rack; dissipates over 10 KW of heat

A compact liquid cooling heat exchanger assembly that can dissipate over 10 KW of heat in demanding shipboard, and industrial applications has been introduced by AMETEK Rotron.

The assembly mounts easily in the standard 19” (48.26 cm) racks used for many kinds of electronic equipment. It supports any installation with a liquid cooling loop.


  • Shipboard, Maritime, Submarine Heat Exchangers
  • Equipment Rack Cooling
  • Electronics
  • Defense systems
  • Military weapon systems
  • Radio, radar
  • Aircraft

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Inframation 2015 Thermal Imaging Conference

12-15 May 2015 USA | Early bird registration specials available before 14 December 2014

The InfraMation Conference

The InfraMation Conference

Meer, Belgium  —  The InfraMation Conference is widely acknowledged as a leading international event for attendees to learn about the latest thermal imaging techniques and applications, and network with many hundreds of industry colleagues.

This conference is for thermographers, regardless of which camera system they might use, or those just interested in the latest new applications of the technology.

InfraMation 2015 will feature leading industry professionals in an exciting program of customer / end-user presentations and more clinics than ever before. Continue reading