Opgal’s Field-Proven Thermal Imaging Solutions at IDET 2017

May 31 – June 2, 2017 | Brno, Czech Republic

Opgal Thermal-imagingOnline.–. Opgal Optronic Industries Ltd, will be displaying its field-proven defense and security solutions at the International Fair of Defence and Security Technology (IDET), Czech Republic.

Opgal’s thermal-imaging solutions range from field-proven thermal infrared camera systems and integrated solutions, through custom-made subsystems, to high quality thermal cores and open frame cameras.

Defense applications include thermal-imaging solutions for both OEM and end users, manufactured to the highest military standards and utilized by armed forces worldwide. Continue reading

New Fluke Ti450 SF6 Gas Leak Detector

Combination precisely pinpoints leaks

Fluke Ti450 SF6 Gas Leak Detector,

The new Fluke Ti450 SF6 Gas Leak Detector (PRNewsfoto/Fluke Corp.)

EVERETT, WA, USA — /PRNewswire/ — Identifying leaks of sulfur hexafluoride (SF6), which is used as an electrical insulator in extremely high-voltage utilities applications, generally requires the purchase or rental of an expensive gas detector or hiring an outside consultant.

The alternatives are shutting down equipment and using a sniffer, which after some time, can determine only the approximate area of the leak, or coating the entire equipment in soapy water and inspect, which is extremely time consuming and also requires the equipment to be powered down.

The new Fluke® Ti450 SF6 Gas Leak Detector combines a high-quality infrared camera with an SF6 leak detector that visually pinpoints the location of SF6 leaks without shutting equipment down. Continue reading

Infrared Temperature Measurement Talks at Glass Performance Days

28-30 June 2017 in Tampere, Finland

GPD_2017_blue_dateDronfield, UK — AMETEK Land announces that its Technical Director, Dr. Peter Drögmöller*, will present Infrared temperature measurement in the glass industry during the Quality Management sessions at the internationally renowned Glass Performance Days (GPD), June 28-30, 2017 in Tampere, Finland.

Ametek Land Glass Sector Lead, Mark Bennett**, will present Infrared temperature measurement of thermally tempered, low- emissivity glass during the Tempering / Pre-Processing sessions.

Dr. Drögmöller’s presentation is about temperature measurement at critical locations in the glass production process. It highlights new techniques that improve the end-product from the glass furnace. Continue reading

Infrared Cyclope ADS B plugin for Airports

Online. — Cyclope’s ADS-B plug in provides aerial target identification of a commercial airplane within the 360 degree images provided by Spynel.

Watch as an airplane’s complete information is automatically fused in with Cyclope thermal infrared tracks.

Click on the image above to view a great video or visit  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OsPa63CxcXU&feature=youtu.be to watch it at YouTube.com.
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New LRM-284 Miniaturised Multi channel Infrared Detectors

InfraTec extends its family of current mode multi channel IR detectors

InfraTec-PR-LRM-284Dresden, Germany  —  Pyroelectric infrared detectors in current mode have been the state-of-the-art for a long time. Anyone looking for miniaturised multi channel detectors with this operating mode will come across far fewer offerings, however.

The new LRM-284 from InfraTec is setting new standards in this segment.

With the TO39 housing it externally resembles its pendant in voltage mode, the LRM-254.  When looking inside the LRM-284, the two double-operational amplifiers enabling the current mode first stand out. Continue reading

Thermal Infrared Imaging in Hummingbird Research

Using FLIR Infrared Drone Camera

Screen Shot - LMU College VideoOnline  —  Mothering hummingbirds have an incredible ability to maintain strength with little rest, and researchers at Loyola Marymount University’s (LMU) Center for Urban Resilience in Los Angeles use FLIR thermal imaging cameras to better understand why.

By incorporating the use of FLIR’s Vue Pro R, a thermal drone camera that has the ability to read temperature for sUAS applications, LMU’s research team is able to monitor birds from the air, while simultaneously capturing frequent, accurate and non-contact temperature readings. Continue reading

Thermal imaging cameras for automated inspections

FLIR’s Repository of Thermal Imaging Applications

Image courtesy FLIR SYSTEMSOnline — FLIR Systems’ depth of applications knowledge is demonstrated vividly on the specialty web pages of their website, http://www.flir.com.

It’s well worth a visit to get ideas or to just survey the field and learn how many uses of thermal infrared imaging are shown from their list of success stories in automation and machine vision.

Here’s the titles and link to a dozen stories that FLIR Systems makes the point better than any words we could write in just this one applications area. There are many, many more! Continue reading

WeatherSTEM Brings Weather Technology to Reach Cyber Charter School

By Earth Networks Blog

Reach Cyber Charter School

Reach Cyber Charter School is the first cyber school to have WeatherSTEM. Cyber schools are a growing trend throughout the U.S. and abroad.

These schools are set up so that students can learn from their homes in a cyber setting.  Much of the  time, cyber schools can offer improved learning opportunities for all different types of students.

Reach Cyber Charter School’s goal is actually to become the premier STEM cyber school in the state of Pennsylvania. WeatherSTEM is helping them reach this goal.

In their first year of operation, the school has already increased enrollment to 1,000 students. Continue reading

New Frontiers for Applications of Thermal Infrared Imaging Devices:

Computational Psychopshysiology in the Neurosciences

Fig. 1Online: A recent technical review article by Daniela Cardone * and Arcangelo Merla of the Infrared Imaging Lab, ITAB Institute for Advanced Biomedical Technologies, Department of Neuroscience, Imaging and Clinical Sciences, University of Chieti-Pescara, Chieti 66100, Italy has been reported by MDPI AG (Basel, Switzerland) on www.MDPI.com about their new paper on the above topic of thermal infrared imaging devices.

Abstract (Format modified for easier online reading)

“Thermal infrared imaging has been proposed, and is now used, as a tool for the non-contact and non-invasive computational assessment of human autonomic nervous activity and psychophysiological states. Continue reading

Non-wearing temperature measurement of liquid metal

KELLER MSR ITS CellaCast Fixed & Handheld

Zur Zeit sind leider keine Downloads verfügbar!Ibbenbüren-Laggenbeck, Germany — Until recently, foundries and steel mills employed measuring immersion thermometers to detect liquid metal temperature. With this method, a probe is immersed into the molten metal bath and must be replaced after every measurement.

Not only do the running costs of these consumables contribute to a plant’s operating expenses – the immersion technique has other drawbacks as well.

The accuracy of the data can vary greatly because the temperature is subject to the depth and location of the immersion. Continue reading

Implement Calibration & Certification Accreditation for a Competitive Advantage

NEW IEEE Engineering Brief | April 2017

Produced by: Engineering 360 Media Solutions | Sponsored by: AMETEK Land

“When considering what calibration and certification are, it is important to also look at what is erroneously believed within the industry. These beliefs include:”

• A statement of National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) or National Laboratory traceability alone is
• Using a quality management system alone is adequate.
• Absolute accuracy is not critical.
• ISO 9000 system requirements are adequate.
• The use of a certified laboratory is not necessary, and an independent calibration laboratory is fine.

Verifiable temperature measurements, for example, are prompting greater numbers of thermometer suppliers to calibrate and certify their products to prove accuracy and provide traceability, and do so within a quality management system. Continue reading

Andhra Pradesh Relies on Earth Networks to Protect Residents from Severe Weather

By Earth Networks Blog

To address cyclones, lightning, flooding and other severe weather events common to region, Andhra Pradesh deploys new statewide weather network using Earth Networks advanced lightning detection, early warning and alerting capabilities

Germantown, MD USA and Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh India – — Earth Networks has announced that Andhra Pradesh, the eighth largest state in India, has selected the Earth Networks Total Lightning NetworkÒ solution to power a new statewide weather network protecting residents across a region well-known for severe weather. Continue reading

Hi Resolution Dual Sensor EVS System (Thermal Infrared & Visible light)

Max-Viz Proudly announces the certification and production of the Max-Viz 2300 EVS

certification and production of the Max-Viz 2300 EVSONLINE — Max-Viz (Enhanced Vision Systems) EVS helps pilots to see better at night, in bad weather, smog, smoke, haze and light fog.

The Max-Viz 2300 is a lightweight, solid-state, low power, uncooled thermal infrared camera with zoom capability.

Compatible with leading MFDs and EFBs, the sensor image can be presented on any display that accepts Composite Video (RS-170) NTSC or PAL signals.

Max-Viz 2300 Specifications
Continue reading