FLIR Systems Announces Infiniti Red Bull Racing Partnership

Flir_Red_BullMeer, Belgium — FLIR Systems has announced that it has been named an Innovation Partner with Infiniti Red Bull Racing.

The winner of four consecutive Formula One World Champions in both Constructor’s and Driver’s categories, Infiniti Red Bull Racing will work with FLIR® – the world’s leading supplier of thermal technology – to gather temperature data from its 2014 challenger, the RB10.

In the partnership, FLIR will develop solutions using world-class miniature thermal cameras to provide the Infiniti Red Bull Racing team with unique insights into the thermal characteristics of their cars’ components and operations. Continue reading

NEW Infrared Market Report

(The 2014 World Market for Commercial & Dual-Use Infrared Imaging & Infrared Thermometry Equipment)

Volume IRW-CFairfield CT, USA –   Maxtech International, Inc. is releasing the 2014 edition of its market research report on commercial and dual-use infrared imaging equipment markets (Vol. IRW-C).

 World infrared imaging markets are poised to enter a new phase. The development of new low-cost uncooled imaging detector cores is expected to lower prices in a wide range of commercial infrared camera applications and lead to a new level of growth.

In addition, two companies have already introduced thermal imaging attachments for smartphones, one for consumers, the other for “professional” thermographers. A third smartphone imager is just around the corner. Continue reading

DryCheck Self-Contained Dew-Point Instrument

Affordable instrument with good accuracy & stability

DryCheckThe DryCheck uses Michell Instruments’ Easidew On-Line to measure dew-point in the range –100 to + 20 ºC dew-point, or moisture content in the range 0-3000 ppmv.

The DryCheck utilizes Michell’s advanced Ceramic Moisture Sensor providing accurate and stable measurement. The calibration data for each sensor is stored within the transmitters’ flash memory.

This allows Michell to offer the unique Sensor Exchange program, keeping calibration costs and downtime to an absolute minimum. Continue reading

NEW Enhanced Version of FLIR T650sc IR Camera

Thermal Imaging Camera for Industrial & Fundamental R&D

T650sc thermal imaging camera

FLIR T650sc thermal imaging camera

Meer, Belgium — FLIR Systems has announced a new and enhanced version of the FLIR T650sc thermal imaging camera.

Tailor made for research and development, the FLIR T650sc combines high accuracy (±1 °C) and outstanding sensitivity to routinely deliver accurate measurement of even the smallest temperature differences (<20 mK).

The FLIR T650sc measures temperature of up to +2,000 °C and includes a 5 Megapixel digital camera to provide clear visual images that may be overlaid with your IR data. Continue reading

Temperature Sensors Market – Global Industry

Size, Share, Trends, Analysis, And Forecasts Thru 2018

img_LogoAlbany NY, USA & Pune, India  –  This research report analyzes the temperature sensor market on the basis of its segments and major geographies.

The report is a complete study that provides detailed information about trend analysis, market numbers, industry growth drivers, and restraints along with market projections for the coming years. Continue reading

NEW Pyroscan for Rotary Kiln Combustion Zone Monitoring

PYROSCAN with HDR Technology to be launched IEEE Cement Show 13-15 April 2014

Pyroscan 250x188
Cambridge MA, USA — (PRWEB) — HGH Infrared Systems proudly announces the debut of their newest all-in-one solution for rotary kiln combustion and entrance cooler temperature monitoring.

The new PYROSCAN is a pyrometric camera model powered by Ethernet with the highest resolution on the market (1.2 Megapixels), allowing accurate noncontact measurements of temperatures in every image point, through the 1300 °F to 3250 °F thermal range.
Continue reading

KT19.XX II: Multispectral IR Thermometer

The emittance/absorbance of electromagnetic radiation plays an important role for the thermal interaction of various materials with the environment.


Heitronics KT19.XX II Multispectral IR Thermometer

Wiesbaden, GERMANY — For this purpose, HEITRONICS Infrarot Messtechnik GmbH has developed a broad band radiation pyrometer with cost-effective mirror optics, Model KT19.XX II: Multispectral IR Thermometer.

Its spectral band covers the range from 0.6 µm in the visible to 39 µm in the far infrared region.

This broad spectral range can be narrowed down by inserting standard or custom tailored filters. Continue reading