The QIRT 2016 Conference

4-8 July 2016 | Gdansk University of Technology | Poland

venue_gdansk_GUTOnline  —  The 13th Quantitative Infrared Thermography (QIRT 2016) conference will be held at the Gdansk University of Technology GUT.

The conference venue is the new building of the Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunication and Informatics of GUT, which is first fully-intelligent building at the University.

There are 161 submitted papers from 28 countries and four keynote lectures confirmed.

Keynote Speakers

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Scientists identify ways to prevent heat-related deaths from climate change

(Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health)

NYC skyline

NYC skyline-
Image courtesy Columbia University’s Website

Online  —  By the 2080s, as many as 3,331 people could die every year from exposure to heat during the summer months in New York City!

The high estimate by Columbia University scientists is based on a new model — the first to account for variability in future population size, greenhouse gas trajectories, and the extent to which residents adapt to heat through interventions like air conditioning and public cooling centers.

Results appear online in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives.

Researchers project that as many as 1,779 annual heat-related deaths could be avoided if the climate adheres to the more moderate of two greenhouse gas trajectories–known as representative concentration pathways 4.5 and 8.5. Continue reading

NEW Flex-IR® Infrared Window Product Lines

IRISS now offer unparalleled design flexibility & speed of installation

Bradenton, FL, USA — (PRWEB) — The patented IRISS polymer systems allow IRISS to build infrared window and ultrasound/Partial Discharge inspection systems to meet the exact needs of the client.

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Sierra-Olympic introduces NIT’s new WDR InGaAs product family

Including sensors & camera modules

WiDy SWIR 640U-S, 640x512

WiDy SWIR 640U-S, 640×512 InGaAs

Hood River, OR, USA — NIT Short Wave Infrared (SWIR) products are based on a proprietary Wide Dynamic Range ROIC technology and offer a Dynamic Range (DR) of more than 140dB in a single image without any external control.

The WiDy SWIR cameras are ITAR-free, ECCN 6A003, available in Compact or Smart version, and delivered calibrated with software and cables in shock proof cases.

NIT Short Wave Infrared (SWIR) products are based on a proprietary Wide Dynamic Range ROIC technology and offer a Dynamic Range (DR) of more than 140dB in a single image without any external control.

The internal Fixed Pattern Noise correction gives a highly uniform picture in all light conditions with no need for a Look-up table. Continue reading

NASA’s MIRI Cryocooler Set for Installation on Webb Telescope

MIRI Cooler Passes Inspection

By CSA Editor

MIRI Inspection

Technicians inspect a component of the cryocooler for the Mid-Infrared Instrument, or MIRI, part of NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope. Image: NASA

Online — Scientists at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) have completed testing of a first-of-its-kind cryocooler for NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope.

The cooler will chill one of the telescope’s four instruments, the Mid-Infrared Instrument (MIRI), a device key to catching faint whispers of light from the very first stars born in our universe billions of years ago.

“When did stars start looking like they do today?” asks Michael Ressler, project scientist for the US portion of the MIRI instrument at JPL. “MIRI will help us narrow in on the era of first light.”

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NEW Cutting-Edge Environmental Monitoring System

Vaisala’s new system brings superior wireless signal strength

System Overview Diagram

viewLinc 5.0 and VaiNet technology will be available in late 2016 in Europe, North America, China, Austrailia and New Zealand. The viewLinc 5.0 software only will be available to South America and Japan. Some regions require different devices to support wireless monitoring in the viewLinc system.

Helsinki, Finland — After years of use in critical and pharmaceutical environments, Vaisala has totally redesigned its viewLinc monitoring system to offer cutting-edge wireless technology and easy installation.

“The previous version of the viewLinc system has long been used by pharmaceuticals, but it is also ideal for monitoring other high-value assets that are affected by environmental conditions, such as air temperature or humidity. It is used in museums, galleries, and in IT server rooms,” says Vaisala Product Manager Jon Aldous.

viewLinc provides trends, alarming, and customizable reporting that ensures accurate environmental information via a wide selection of Vaisala devices that monitor temperature, humidity, CO2, and other variables. For GxP compliance, validation documents are available. Continue reading

Jonah Energy Reduced Fugitive Natural Gas Emissions by 75%

Through Regular Infrared OGI Surveys

fliratspr134-imageAOnline — FLIR Systems has published a new paper which describes the substantial financial, operational and safety benefits that Jonah Energy (Sublette County, WY, USA) has achieved using FLIR GF320 Optical Gas Imaging (OGI) Camera’s to inspect their facilities for gas leaks.

The oil and gas industry is constantly faced with how to best find and repair natural gas leaks at potential escape points such as compressor stations, processing plants, hydraulically-fractured wells, and along transportation lines.

The industry standard for leak detection and repair has long been the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Method 21 protocol, that relies on toxic vapour analyzers (TVAs) to detect gas leaks.

However, the EPA is now planning to recommend optical gas imaging as an alternative to TVAs, calling it a “Best System of Emission Reduction.” Continue reading

Easy Guide to High Throughput Evaporation

Online Video Presentation

Genevac Series 3 HT Evaporator Video

Genevac Series 3 HT Evaporator Video
(Click to View)

Ipswich, UK  —  Genevac has introduced for labs involved with sample drying an informative video demonstration of the high throughput sample drying capabilities and intuitive operation of its Series 3 HT Evaporator range.

The Series 3 HT evaporator range represents the ultimate in solvent removal technology.

Incorporating high performance vacuum pump, the latest touchscreen technology and a sleek ergonomic design, a Series 3 HT evaporator makes optimising your evaporation processes effortless.

Available in 6- and 12-sample holder configurations, Series 3 HT evaporators are the system of choice for high throughput sample drying because of their high capacity, unique technology that eliminates cross contamination due to sample bumping, and automated monitoring of temperature and pressure to prevent sample degradation. Continue reading

USB Temp Dataloggers Auto-Generate PDF Reports

I-Plug PDF Data Loggers | Pharma Options

PDF Data Logger

iPlug PDF Data Logger

CHESTERLAND OH, USA  —   As the need for reliable temperature monitoring increases in light of regulatory pressures, CAS DataLoggers and Swiss manufacturer ECCS have developed a convenient and affordable solution, I-Plug-PDF data loggers.

They continually monitor and alarm products in storage or transit, saving drivers the hassle of having to take manual measurements.

The I-Plug-PDF data loggers can also auto-generate a complete PDF temperature report to give to receivers as proof of product quality.

Affordable Temperature Monitoring:

The I-Plug-PDF Temperature datalogger monitors the temperature of its environment at a Temperature range of -40 °C to +65 °C (-40 °F to 149 °F).

This single-use temperature logger takes measurements at an accuracy of ±0.3 °C and resolution of 0.1 °C. Continue reading