New SR25 pyranometers with sapphire outer dome

At Meteorological Technology World Expo 2016

SR25 versus a non-heated pyranometer

SR25 (on the left side of the photo) vs a non-heated pyranometer without sapphire dome

Online  —  At this year’sMeteorological Technology World Expo, Hukseflux will present new solar radiation sensors, including the SR25 pyranometer.

The SR25 takes solar radiation measurement to the next level! Using a sapphire outer dome, it has negligible zero offsets.

The SR25 is heated in order to suppress dew and frost deposition, maintaining its high measurement accuracy.

When heating the SR25, the data availability and accuracy are higher than when ventilating traditional pyranometers.

In addition, the SR25 needs very low power; it only consumes 1.5 W compared to the usual 10 W for ventilation.

The photo shows the clear difference between a SR25 (on the left side of the photo) versus a non-heated pyranometer without sapphire dome.

The SR25 is available with analogue output and (as SR25-D2) with 4-20 mA and digital output (Modbus RTU over RS-485). Continue reading

Marketing of InfraTec Thermography Systems Expanding

InfraTec enhances Client Services in North American Markets

New Meaning to "blazing fastball"

Bringing a New Meaning to
“Blazing Fastball”

Dresden, Germany & Plano, Texas, USA  —  The InfraTec offices in the United States are expanding their range of presence. Starting immediately, sales of thermography systems will be coordinated from Plano, Texas.

“In the US and North America overall, the demand for high-end thermography equipment has increases noticeably,” says Matthias G. Krausz, Managing Director of InfraTec.

“We are responding to this potential by strengthening our activities.”

The focus will be on the direct support of local distributors.

By strengthening the team, the Infrared Measuring Technology division can respond to customer inquiries from all over North America faster and more targeted.

Furthermore, there are new possibilities arising for the Dresden-based company for logistic support and for increased presence at trade shows and conventions in one of the world’s most important markets for thermographic applications.

InfraTec has had a presence in the US market with the camera series ImageIR ® since 2012.

To date, the office in Plano has focused primarily on supporting the Infrared Sensors division.

About InfraTec

InfraTec GmbH Infrarotsensorik und Messtechnik was founded in 1991 and has its headquarters in Dresden, Germany. The privately held company employs more than 200 employee and has its own design, manufacturing and distribution capabilities. InfraTec’s Infrared Measurement division is one of the leading suppliers of commercial thermal imaging technology. In addition to our high-end camera series ImageIR® and the VarioCAM® High Definition productfamily, the company offers turnkey thermographic automation solutions. Infrared sensors with electrically tunable MOEMS-based filters are among the products from the Infrared Sensors division, next to spectrally mono- and multi-channel infrared detectors. These detectors are used, for example, in gas analysis, fire and flame sensor technology and spectroscopy.

InfraTec GmbH
Infrarotsensorik und Messtechnik
Gostritzer Str. 61 – 63
01217 Dresden / GERMANY

Phone: +49 351 871-8630
Fax: +49 351 871-8727

Branch office USA:

InfraTec infrared LLC
5048 Tennyson Parkway
Suite 250
Plano, TX 75024 / USA

Phone: 844-226-3722/844-Camera2
Direct: 469-406-6607

Thermal Analysis & Calorimetry Applied to the Studies of Ceramics & Glasses

Setaram Webinar of Ceramics & GlassOnline  —  SETARAM is pleased to present our next in their 2015 Webinar Series. These are a collection of the most current, exciting research that Setaram customers have completed, as well as new technology that Setaram to help inspire your future research.


When: WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 13, 2015 @ 10:00AM EDT – in English (Spanish & Portuguese Translation available)

Setaram  looks forward to you joining them!! Continue reading

Tools for Post Purification Sample Handling

Includes High power -75 °C Cold Trap

Genevac's Rocket Evaporator

Genevac’s Rocket Evaporator

Ipswich, UK — Genevac, specialists in solvent removal, have developed a suite of proprietary technological solutions to facilitate post purification sample handling, including reformatting.

For labs undertaking purification using Normal Phase HPLC, SFC or Flash chromatography, removal of organic solvents can be simply, productively and safely carried out in a Genevac centrifugal evaporator (EZ-2, ROCKET, Rocket Synergy or HT Series III).

Where the nature of the sample being concentrated can lead to solvent bumping (e.g. natural products) – Genevac’s DriPure® technology is proven to completely eliminate this troublesome and time-consuming problem. Continue reading

Techniques to Improve Thermal Measurement of Low Emissivity Targets

Helpful Tips for Users From FLIR

Screen Shot

An Emissivity Measurement Technique Setup as Shown on IR InformIR Blog – Click on image to see article (Note: This is published by another FLIR organization and may show methods different than the ones in the download)

Meer, Belgium — FLIR Systems has published a new technical note that investigates and describes how to use low-cost materials to increase target emissivity to enable accurate measurement using a thermal imaging camera.

Clean, unoxidized, bare metal surfaces such as are found in many R&D applications have low emissivity. Consequently they are difficult to analyse with a thermal imaging camera.

To get good accurate temperature measurements there is a consequent need to increase the emissivity of these problematic targets.

The technical note provides an informative introduction to emissivity and how a target’s emissivity, reflectance and thermal conductivity values are highly dependent on material properties.

The authors describe several cost effective techniques to compensate for low emissivity based upon reducing the reflectance of the target enabling a significant improvement in measurement accuracy.

Continue reading

The Next Step in Miniaturization of Infrared Emitters

Application Focus: Refrigerant Monitoring



Itasca, IL, USA & Kaegiswil, Switzerland — The EMIRS 50 is the miniature infrared emitter from Axetris, with an emitting area of 0.8 x 0.8 mm2.

The small size of the emitting chip, combined with an efficient design, allows our customers to modulate the EMIRS 50 at very high frequencies.

While using the infrared source in gas detection systems, it is often not the absolute emission power that is critical; rather, it is the difference in detected power between the “on” and “off” stages of the infrared source.

For this, an infrared source with high modulation depth is essential.

The graph below visualizes the “max-min” difference in optical output power achieved by the EMIRS 50 at various modulation frequencies.

It is clear that the EMIRS 50 allows our customers high flexibility in gas detection system design, since they can choose an emitter modulation frequency to optimize the signal-to-noise (S/N) ratio required to achieve the target gas detection limit.

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Mobile C2S Platform for Protection of Ships at Sea

HGH Infrared Systems Supporting UK Navy

C2S Mobile Platform

C2S Mobile Platform

BOSTON, MA, USA  —   (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — International manufacturer of award-winning panoramic infrared thermal imaging systems, HGH Infrared Systems, have been selected by the British Navy to incorporate their Spynel-S 3500 into an integrated Compact Combat System (C2S) for situational awareness and ship-based protection against small fast inshore attack crafts (FIACs).

The innovative system has already been tested in trials in the UK and will be used in part towards securing war ships in perilous locations.

Leading the project is UK-based Qinetiq, research and technology group, who have paired HGH’s Spynel sensor alongside the SharpEye radar from Kelvin Hughes and a Chess Dynamics Sea Eagle providing electro-optical surveillance system, the innovative and modular design concept allows for a more mobile solution for afloat support ships or war ships. Continue reading

Manage Temp & RH from Your Mobile Device


MX1101 Temperature and Relative Humidity

MX1101 Temperature & RH Data Logger Uses Bluetooth Technology

CHESTERLAND, OH, USA — Onset’s HOBO MX1101 Temperature and Humidity data logger measures and transmits your environmental data wirelessly to your mobile device via Bluetooth Smart technology!

Complete with large memory, fast sample rates and free software, HOBO dataloggers are ideal for temperature recording and alarming, monitoring building performance, energy monitoring, and more.

CAS DataLoggers offers HOBO dataloggers at low prices starting at just $135!.

Onset’s HOBO MX1101 is the company’s first data logger that measures and transmits temperature and humidity data wirelessly to mobile devices via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology.

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CV7-V Ultrasonic Wind Sensor with Interface for Davis Instruments

See it at the Meteorological Technology World Expo | 13 – 15 October 2015 | Stand 6000

CV7_davisVERTOU, France — You will discover our innovation for 2015-2016 season!

As Worldwide Premiere launch, a specific version of the CV7-V that connects directly to the wind sensor input on Davis instruments will be shown to visitors.

This sensor enables the replacement of mechanical anemometers / wind vanes with no need of anything else but power supply.

It’s an exclusive and useful product for both, professionals and well-informed amateurs. Continue reading