C-Therm TCi Thermal Conductivity Analyzer

50 ° to 200 °C (Standard Sensor)

Online — C-Therm’s TCi Thermal Conductivity Analyzer employs the Modified Transient Plane Source (MTPS) technique.The MTPS technique offers the fastest and easiest way to measure thermal conductivity of liquids, solids, powders and pastes.


  1. NO user-calibration required.
  2. NO complex regression-analysis needed.
  3. NO special sample geometries necessary.

The C-Therm TCi simply provides the highest-accuracy, non-destructive means of measuring thermal conductivity.

A variety of accessories are available for specialized testing conditions including;

  •  a Small-Volume Test Kit (SVTK) originally developed with the US Navy for testing liquids and powder
  •  a Compression Test Accessory (CTA) for measuring textiles and fabrics
  •  High Pressure Cells for measuring materials up to pressures of 135 bar.

The TCi’s central controller also pairs with C-Therm’s range of high-precision dilatometer systems in offering clients savings of up to 40%.

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Want to learn more about the differences in thermal conductivity test methods? Visit: http://www.ctherm.com/technology/understanding_thermal_conductivity_methods/

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