With integrated 2.5″  color video display of target

PSC - SR80NV (2-Color)

PSC-SR80NV (2-Color) Infrared Ratio Thermometer w/Video Target & Temp Display

Franklin Lakes, NJ, USA – Process Sensors Corporation has introduced the latest in its infrared thermometer lineup.The PSC-80NV series includes three models (both 1 and 2-color versions): PSC-SR80NV, PSC-G80NV, and PSC-S80NV.

The new “One of a Kind” Models PSC-SR80NV are 2-color ratio thermometers offering wide temperature ranges from 500 to 1800 °C.

The color video module of each portable IR thermometer, together with an integrated 2.5″ TFT display, enables easy aiming of the device, even at high measurement temperatures.

The portable non-contact infrared thermometer PSC-80NV series are three rugged, battery operated devices for mobile use in industrial, scientific, medical, research and development, and laboratory applications.

The new “One of a Kind” portable PSC-SR80NV  models are non-contact 2-color ratio thermometers that offer wide temperature ranges from 500 to 1800 °C. They feature automatic compensation when viewing through dirty windows, dust, and partial smoke.

Sales Manager, Scott Nagle stated, “Process Sensors Corporation is very excited about the introduction of our brand new “One of a Kind” 2-color portable Model PSC-SR80NV infrared thermometer!

“The rugged PSC-SR80NV stands out as a superb newcomer to the IR market. Up until now, there have been a very limited number of portable 2-color models available, but that has all changed with the debut of these dynamic new devices.

“The unique PSC-SR80NVs out-perform commonplace single color portables in harsh ambient conditions by automatically compensating for dirty IR thermometer lenses and windows, vapors, dust and smoke that partially blocks the instrument’s field of view.

“Operators also benefit by the fact that the PSC-SR80NVs can be utilized to verify calibration of fixed, online 2-color sensors.”

Integrated color video display

PSC-SR80V w/integrated color video display

The 2-color measurement method used in the PSC-SR80NVs is not affected by moving targets within the FOV and for most partial obstructions of the object being measured.

In addition, the Model PSC-SR80NVs may be operated as single color or two color thermometers.

The PSC-80NV battery operated handheld portable series are fully digital, provide a very fast response time of 5 ms (adjustable up to 100 seconds), and are equipped with high resolution optics up to a 200:1 field of view ratio.

The device parameters are configured and adjusted by the operator using simple push button controls under the integrated color display or via a PC with included software.

An integrated measured data storage feature allows the retention of up to 999 data records.

The dual or single wavelength IR pyrometer PSC-80NV series is ideal for oxidized metals, heat treating, kilns, molten glass, composites, casting-metal pouring streams, vacuum furnaces, welding, sintering and R & D applications.

For more details download the 3 page series catalog in pdf format at > PSC-80NV Series, or visit the product webpage at

Process Sensors Corporation is a private company with manufacturing facilities located in Milford, MA. The company is a manufacturer and distributor of non-contact infrared temperature and NIR moisture measurement sensors, including thermal imaging camera systems and blackbody calibration sources. Technical and application support is provided globally through direct, regional and sales representative offices.

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