Earth Networks Launches Sferic Product Line to Automate Weather-Influenced Decisions Across the Globe

Collaborative products enable organizations to access

By Filomena Martini

Sferic Maps is easy to use and is fully responsive for easy use on any device.GERMANTOWN, MD, USA  – (BUSINESS WIRE) –  Earth Networks has announced the launch of Sferic Maps and Sferic Mobile – advanced weather visualization, decision support and collaboration products designed to reduce risk and improve operations for organizations across weather-sensitive industries.

Vertical markets including energy, education, insurance and airport operations, as well as local, state, and federal governments now have the tools needed to automate decisions surrounding severe weather situations and communicate with their teams to prepare for disruptive events. Continue reading

Lightning Kills Students in Zimbabwe

By Filomena Martini

lightning killsOnline — Lightning kills students often in many African countries.

Studies show that this is because of high lightning frequencies, unsafe lightning shelters and greater everyday exposure.

Most recently, a cloud-to-ground strike killed five students and injured 34 more in Zimbabwe. Continue reading

Flashback Friday: Wild 2016 for US Weather

By Earth Networks | 2016 US Weather Recap 

Regional temperature summary for 2016 in USAOnline  —  This flashback Friday, our meteorological team gathered the wildest incidents of US weather throughout 2016.

Our weather timeline highlights the most memorable swings in extreme weather throughout the states. While the first half of the year experienced crippling snow, extreme floods and record warmth, the second half was just as memorable with more flooding, an active hurricane season, drought and an Arctic chill. Continue reading

Earth Networks Announces U.S. Winter Weather Outlook

By Earth Networks

Weak La Niña to Contrast Last Winter’s Record El Niño

Germantown, MD – November 17, 2016 –Earth Networks released its 2016-2017 U.S. Winter Outlook today, which considers a developing La Niña, an abnormally warm Northern Pacific Ocean and recent climate trends.

Unlike last year’s strong El Niño, the focus this winter turns to El Niño’s […]

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What is a WiFi Thermostat?

By Earth Networks

Nest wi-fi thermoststOnline — WiFi Thermostat 101 WiFi-enabled smart thermostats are the hottest home technology on the market today.

A WiFi thermostat is connected to the internet and can automatically regulate indoor temperatures.

While traditional thermostats allow you to adjust the temperature in your home, WiFi thermostats allow you to set the temperature and have the thermostat change it […]

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