With integrated 2.5″  color video display of target

PSC - SR80NV (2-Color)

PSC-SR80NV (2-Color) Infrared Ratio Thermometer w/Video Target & Temp Display

Franklin Lakes, NJ, USA – Process Sensors Corporation has introduced the latest in its infrared thermometer lineup.The PSC-80NV series includes three models (both 1 and 2-color versions): PSC-SR80NV, PSC-G80NV, and PSC-S80NV.

The new “One of a Kind” Models PSC-SR80NV are 2-color ratio thermometers offering wide temperature ranges from 500 to 1800 °C.

The color video module of each portable IR thermometer, together with an integrated 2.5″ TFT display, enables easy aiming of the device, even at high measurement temperatures.

The portable non-contact infrared thermometer PSC-80NV series are three rugged, battery operated devices for mobile use in industrial, scientific, medical, research and development, and laboratory applications. Continue reading

Thermal Infrared Camera Solution to Manufacturing Moisture/Temperature Need

Fruit Packaging Industry Leader Selects Process Sensors’ PSC-450

 trays with fruit

100& recyclable molded trays with fruit

Yakima, WA, USA — The Infrared Division of Process Sensors Corporation to successfully supply the solution needed by Michelsen Packaging Co, a leading produce packaging and equipment manufacturer for fruit growers, packers and shippers.

Their molded fiber paper trays must meet very exacting specifications and require the highest standards of quality.

The molded trays must be 100% recyclable and incorporate characteristics that allow them to be used in varying temperatures, moisture levels and humidity environments without compromising their ability to protect and handle the fruit. Continue reading

“Infra-Boiler” Thermal Infrared Pyrometer System

PSC Tackles Biomass Power Generation

Infra Boiler Pyrometer System

PSC Infra Boiler Pyrometer System

Franklin Lakes, NJ, USA  —  The Process Sensors “Infra-Boiler” remote sensing infrared detection system mounted on the exterior of a boiler measures the temperature of CO2 Gas or flames.

The Process Sensors IR Temperature Measurement System reduces slagging and ash fusion by monitoring the maximum allowable temperature in the boiler superheat/reheat section.

Flue gas temperatures in separate sections of boilers with division walls can be monitored to achieve temperature balance. Continue reading

MoldMinder Thermal Infrared Imaging Camera System

The new PSC-160 IMMS System

INJECTION MOLDING MONITORING SYSTEMFranklin Lakes, NJ, USA – Process Sensors Corporation is pleased to introduce a custom engineered, turn-key injection molding monitoring system.

This innovative new system prevents damage to expensive molds and eliminates costly production downtime by utilizing the many innovative functions of the PSC-160 thermal infrared imaging camera.

The Process Sensors Model PSC-160 IMMS MoldMinder Thermal Imaging Camera System views and identifies parts that are retained in the mold.

The smart logic system sends a signal to the mold machine to activate the mold ejection pins until all the molded parts are ejected and then signals the mold to close. Continue reading

NEW High Speed IR Thermometer For Metal Temps

PSC-SSS-Laser-3M-Video With 50 -1800 °C Range



Franklin Lakes, NJ, USA – Process Sensors Corporation is pleased to introduce its newest non-contact infrared temperature sensor featuring real-time video capability. and much more

The PSC-SSS-Laser-3M-Video and companion software allow storage and instant integration of actual images into software graphs that are easily retrieved for evaluation.

Parallel use of the real time video and dual laser sighting feature allows for easy alignment and exact pinpointing of the measured target.

The high speed PSC-SSS-Laser-3M-Video features five distinct temperature ranges that stretch from low to high and span from 50 ° to 1800 °C (122° to 3272 °F) utilizing a short wavelength of a 2.3 ?m spectral response. The short wave length minimizes the effects of emissivity caused by semi/shiny target materials. Continue reading