ASHRAE 62.2-2016: Using the New Standard in the Field

Ventilation and Acceptable Indoor Air Quality in Residential Buildings

21 Feb 2017 11 AM – 12:15 PM EST

webinarOnline  —  This webinar  is presented by Rick Karg, a member of the AHSRAE 62.2 committee, so participants will have the opportunity to have their questions and concerns addressed.

Karg will focus on existing dwellings and cover the details of the new ventilation Standard. The steps of sizing ventilation, both local and whole-building, are addressed in detail using the free web application by Residential Energy Dynamics (RED). Continue reading

2 Day Building IR Training Course w/ 8 BPI CEUs

27-28 February 2014, Atlanta – After the RESNET conference

Are you Getting Your Money’s Worth from Your IR Thermal Camera?


Akron OH, USA?? –?? Whether you’re a novice user or seasoned professional, getting the most out of your IR Thermal Camera is important to you.

TruTech Tools and Monroe Infrared Technology (MIT) have put together this Live 2-Day Training event to give you the fundamentals, practical applications, and precise techniques to help you get your money’s worth and then some.
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New Thermal Imagers Break Price & Performance Barriers

TruTech Tools Tru-Review

FLIR E4 Compact Thermal Imaging Infrared Camera with MSX?? Enhancement

FLIR E4 Compact Thermal Imaging Infrared Camera with MSX?? Enhancement

TruTech Tools was pleased to be present at FLIR’s distributor launch of nine new Thermal Imaging Cameras and an exciting line of new Test & Measurement products. FLIR’s President and CEO, Andy Teich gave a superb overview of FLIR’s mission to take “IR everywhere.”

Teich noted how FLIR provides a customer focused package of Design, Functionality, Value, Ruggedness, and Support in everything they do.

Additionally, FLIR has created a complete ecosystem for managing information with apps and software along with BlueTooth and Wi-Fi enabled products that combine physical measurement data and thermal images to maximize your efforts and share your results.

Screen Shot

Traditional IR imaging only allows you to see beyond visible ranges into the world of heat signatures. Kudos to FLIR for incorporating their patented Multi-Spectral Dynamic Imaging technology (MSX??) into ALL E-series cameras, even the $995 Model E-4.

Rather than simply blending visual and thermal images (dilution), MSX?? takes thermal image quality to the next level by augmenting a thermal image with details from a visible image.

In one sense, there is almost no longer a need for a separate digital image as FLIR’s new MSX?? technology embosses digital camera detail right in to thermal images.

The new Thermal Imaging Cameras include the all new E4, E5, E6, and E8 models, the second generation E40, E50, and E60 and the ultra-performance T-600 and T600bx.

Starting at $995, with a camera for all budget ranges, the new E-Series models feature FLIR’s patented Multi-Spectral Dynamic Imaging technology (MSX??) which raises key visible details from an on-board high resolution digital camera onto the infrared image.

MSX makes it much easier to identify and locate issues while preserving the full integrity of the thermal image.

FLIR’s new Dark Precision??? interface is simple but powerful, making the cameras easier than ever to use. Details on each of these new E-Series cameras can be found HERE.

CLICK HERE for an interactive experience using FLIR thermal imaging to find and address the common household energy wasting culprits.

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