FusionLive??? wireless temp software

New asset manager & preventative maintenance module

SHERMAN OAKS CA, USA – E-Control Systems releases new asset manager and preventative maintenance module for FusionLive??? wireless temperature monitoring software for healthcare, K-12 schools, colleges and universities, and the food processing industry. With the Asset Manager module, users can oversee the entire operation from the software???s dashboard, ensure reliable operation of equipment by identifying potential breakdowns and equipment failures, and implement cost reduction programs.

Asset Manager tracks all details such as equipment manufacturer, serial/model number, warranty information, repair costs, down-time, and a list of parameters being monitored.

The FusionLive??? Asset Manager also has built-in preventative maintenance features which automates maintenance schedule reminders and service alerts. Alert acknowledgements and updates, including the cause of the alarm, action taken, and the cost, are captured in the software for tracking, reporting, auditing, and historical purposes.

???There are solutions for HACCP and JCAHO wireless temperature monitoring, and there are solutions for Preventative Maintenance of equipment. But, customers are asking for a comprehensive, automated tool like our Asset Manager platform that combines these parameters, providing them with a single solution to cut costs and increase operational efficiency and safety,??? according to Terry Fischer, Vice President of E-Control Systems.

This solution is the only tool in the industry for simultaneously streamlining maintenance processes and equipment temperature management as well as cutting operational costs and increasing equipment efficiencies.

In addition to the Asset Manager, FusionLive??? communication utilizes a 2-way, secure communications link for added protection, and features its own dashboard interface, creating the safest and most secure monitoring system available in the market.

FusionLive??? provides a snapshot of the entire operation???s status in a single screen. School Food Service Directors and Maintenance Managers can view activity and cabinet performance for the whole school district simultaneously.

This critical tool empowers them to react to alarm occurrences and incorporate corrective actions and preventative measures to enhance their operation.

Drill-down features give a glimpse of specific schools to check location-based status, run Daily Average Temperature or Alarm reports, or graph temperatures to monitor trends. FusionLive??? has far-reaching benefits and features that extend to Health care and other segments as well.

In a hospital environment, the Pharmacy Director can customize the dashboard to display all pharmacy locations and any other relevant areas to day-to-day operation management (i.e. lab, nurse???s stations, blood banks, morgue, operating/exam/emergency rooms, etc.) throughout the hospital while the Nutrition or Food Service Director can focus their dashboard on the foodservice operation alone without the distraction of other monitored areas within the hospital.

About E-Control Systems, Inc.

E-Control Systems, Inc. is a pioneer in the development and deployment of the innovative HACCP and JCAHO wireless temperature monitoring systems. With thousands of installations of the IntelliSense??? and IntelliCheck??? wireless solutions and the new FusionLive??? software, E-Control Systems provides any Food Service, Health care, or related business with a comprehensive system for monitoring the entire operation.

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