PAGES2k Consortium Geo Temperature Histories

Global database for temperature reconstructions of the Common Era Online. —  The PAGES2k Phase 2 collection is a community-sourced compilation of temperature-sensitive proxy records associated with the PAGES2k initiative. The … Continue reading

“Infra-Boiler” Thermal Infrared Pyrometer System

PSC Tackles Biomass Power Generation Franklin Lakes, NJ, USA  —  The Process Sensors “Infra-Boiler” remote sensing infrared detection system mounted on the exterior of a boiler measures the temperature of … Continue reading

The QIRT 2016 Conference

4-8 July 2016 | Gdansk University of Technology | Poland Online  —  The 13th Quantitative Infrared Thermography (QIRT 2016) conference will be held at the Gdansk University of Technology GUT. … Continue reading

Compact Xmitters for Moisture in Air & Oil

Dew Point In-Line Transmitter Online?? –?? E+E Elektronik Corp’s EE354??transmitter is known for its high accuracy with excellent long-term stability and temperature compensation over the entire working temperature range. It … Continue reading