CUORE Reaches Its Operating Temperature

By CSA Editor

Online — The Cryogenic Underground Observatory for Rare Events experiment (CUORE) reached a new milestone in late January when its detector reached its operating temperature of 10 millikelvin.

The detector has 19 towers formed from 988 Tellurium oxide crystals, and it weighs nearly 1,650 lbs.

Engineers finished installing the detector into the experiment’s cryostat in August 2016 and have been cooling the system over the last five months. Continue reading

SBIR’s new ultra-black high emissivity surface coating for blackbody calibration furnaces

Shown at SPIE Photonics West | San Francisco | Jan-Feb ’17

Screenshot-sbirSANTA BARBARA, CA, USA – – Santa Barbara Infrared, Inc. announced a new ultra-black surface coating technology that improves infrared emissivity in the midwave-infrared (MWIR) and longwave-infrared (LWIR) spectral wavelengths.

The unprecedented effective emissivity utilizes the Vantablack® S-VIScoating from Surrey NanoSystems (United Kingdom) for blackbody calibration sources and cold shields. Continue reading


With integrated 2.5″  color video display of target

PSC - SR80NV (2-Color)

PSC-SR80NV (2-Color) Infrared Ratio Thermometer w/Video Target & Temp Display

Franklin Lakes, NJ, USA – Process Sensors Corporation has introduced the latest in its infrared thermometer lineup.The PSC-80NV series includes three models (both 1 and 2-color versions): PSC-SR80NV, PSC-G80NV, and PSC-S80NV.

The new “One of a Kind” Models PSC-SR80NV are 2-color ratio thermometers offering wide temperature ranges from 500 to 1800 °C.

The color video module of each portable IR thermometer, together with an integrated 2.5″ TFT display, enables easy aiming of the device, even at high measurement temperatures.

The portable non-contact infrared thermometer PSC-80NV series are three rugged, battery operated devices for mobile use in industrial, scientific, medical, research and development, and laboratory applications. Continue reading

24-Hour Priority Instrument Calibration & Servicing

For Bacharach Combustion Analyzers & Gas Sensing Instruments

Bacharach ECA 450

Bacharach ECA 450
combustion efficiency & environmental analyzer

New Kensington, PA, USA – Bacharach, Inc., a manufacturer of refrigerant gas detection and combustion analyzers, is implementing an enhanced 24 hour priority calibration and repair service option out of their New Kensington, PA location, to build upon the company’s current service support capabilities.

“The main driver for this enhanced turn-around service is to keep our instruments in the hands of the technicians who rely on them for their work. Being able to obtain quick and easy expedited service through Bacharach’s professional certified repair and servicing center offers our customers reliable expert support when they need it most.” said Doug Keeports, President of Bacharach, Inc. Continue reading

EURAMET Calibration & Technical Guides

Relating to Temperature & Humidity

EURAMETOnline  —  EURAMET has published multiple calibration guides intended to improve harmonisation in the calibration of measuring instruments including temperature and moisture. Listed below are a few in these two categories.

More are listed in a more complete webpage on the Euramet website at: Continue reading