The Next Generation Precision Handheld Thermometers

Omega’s NEW Digital Thermocouple Thermometers

HH911T-HH912T Online  —  OMEGA announces the next generation of Precision Digital Thermometers, the HH911T/HH912T Series.

They are user configurable for Type K, J, T or E thermocouple probes to provide a wide range of temperature measurements from -250 to 1372 °C (-418 to 2502 °F).

The HH911T (single input) and the HH912T (dual channel inputs with T1-T2 readings) provide dependable and uninterrupted portable measurement capability without expensive batteries, AC adaptors, or chargers. Continue reading

Sensor Maintenance for Optimal Energy Savings in HVAC

Vaisala Knowledge HVAC Spotlight

Sensor Maintenance for Optimal Energy Savings in HVACOnline  —  Pressure to cut energy consumption in HVAC is driving use of DCV and free cooling.

Even with an intelligent building automation system in place, it’s of very little use if the actual measurement sensor has drifted or if the accuracy requirements can’t be maintained during the lifetime of the building.

In this article published in the special issue of REHVA Vaisala’s product manager Lars Stormbom discusses sensor maintenance for optimal energy savings in HVAC. Continue reading

Cryogenic sensors for monitoring in superconducting RF cavities of linacs

By Andy Phillips

Stanford Linear Accelerator Online — Cryogenic sensors are used worldwide in a number of particle accelerators, including the world’s most powerful one, the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN, where sensors are used to monitor the temperature of the superconducting magnets used to steer and focus the particle beam.

Other applications include linear accelerators commissioned in the U.S., Germany, and Japan. Continue reading

C-Therm TCi Thermal Conductivity Analyzer

50 ° to 200 °C (Standard Sensor)

Online — C-Therm’s TCi Thermal Conductivity Analyzer employs the Modified Transient Plane Source (MTPS) technique.The MTPS technique offers the fastest and easiest way to measure thermal conductivity of liquids, solids, powders and pastes.
Continue reading

New Soil Moisture & Temperature Sensor from Delta-T Devices

New SM150T Sensor measures moisture content & temperature in soils & substrates.

SM150TCambridge, UK — The SM150T Sensor has a wide range of applications across horticulture and agriculture, and is a reliable and cost-effective sensor for system integrators, who appreciate its ease of installation and simple interface (0 – 1 V DC output).

The SM150T Sensor is a dual purpose sensor – it can be used portably (with a readout meter) for instant moisture readings, or installed in the soil connected to a logger – to provide moisture and temperature data. Continue reading