Efficiently detect methane leaks

A Free Application Note By Telops!

Quebec City, Canada — Methane is a highly potent greenhouse gas, and since it is also highly flammable, methane leaks can pose a security threat in addition to representing an environmental issue.

Passive infrared hyperspectral imaging can be used to detect methane leaks from a safe location. Continue reading

The Next Generation Precision Handheld Thermometers

Omega’s NEW Digital Thermocouple Thermometers

HH911T-HH912T Online  —  OMEGA announces the next generation of Precision Digital Thermometers, the HH911T/HH912T Series.

They are user configurable for Type K, J, T or E thermocouple probes to provide a wide range of temperature measurements from -250 to 1372 °C (-418 to 2502 °F).

The HH911T (single input) and the HH912T (dual channel inputs with T1-T2 readings) provide dependable and uninterrupted portable measurement capability without expensive batteries, AC adaptors, or chargers. Continue reading

Two-Dimensional Infrared Temperatures From Blast Furnace Burden Top

“Blast Furnace Above-Burden Infrared Camera”

Blast Furnace Above-Burden Infrared Camera systemEast Chicago, IN, USA — An infrared monitoring system had been developed at ArcelorMittal Global R&D – East Chicago and it has been successfully implemented since June 2012.

The on-line Above-Burden Infrared Camera (ABirC), as it is designated,  can monitor all the activities and events above the burden in blast furnaces.

Through the ABirC systems, three new phenomena: 1. coke-surging, 2. coke-spraying and 3. burden-shooting, have been discovered. Actual burden distributions can be observed and optimized, and the operators will gain advance warning of adverse conditions occurring in their furnaces. Continue reading

The World Market for Military Infrared Imaging Detectors & Systems

Vol. IRW-M, 2017 Edition | Maxtech

Maxtech logoSarasota, FL, USA — Maxtech International, Inc. is releasing the 2017 edition of its market research report on military infrared detectors and systems markets (Vol. IRW-M).

Military infrared imaging systems are poised to take a leap forward as advanced new infrared detector technologies become available for the next generation of systems.

Some of the important trends that will start to shape advanced military infrared systems include: Continue reading

Infrared Camera Shows ‘Invisible’ Vehicle Emissions

YouTube Video

fliratspr150-imageAMeer, Belgium — To raise awareness of the potentially fatal impacts of air pollution, a new video* from thermal imaging specialists FLIR Systems highlights how its GF Series Optical Gas Imaging cameras use IR technology to visually demonstrate vehicle emissions and the resulting air pollution issues.

Recently the World Health Organisation (WHO) announced that air pollution kills 16,000 British people a year.

In order to raise awareness of the amount of pollution produced by vehicles, Professor of Air Quality at Kings College (London) Martin Williams proposes thermal imaging as a potential means to “see air pollution as its happening”. Continue reading