UCAR statement on President Trump's first budget proposal

By zhenya

Acid Rain model 1983 (DI01237)

Acid Rain modeling 1983. The Acid Deposition Modeling Project begins, co-sponsored by NCAR and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.


BOULDER, Colo. — The budget process for fiscal year 2018, which begins Oct. 1, is now under way with this morning’s release of President Trump’s proposed budget blueprint.

This proposal will be more fully developed in coming months, with the administration providing more detail and then the plan undergoing revisions during negotiations with Congress.

The administration’s blueprint would increase spending for defense by $54 billion, with corresponding reductions in domestic spending, including scientific research.

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Webinar: Smart PV Monitoring with Smart Weather Sensors

DATE: 15 MARCH 2017 | TIME: 15:00 GMT

Weather-webinarOnline  —  This webinar is free for all to attend. Once registered, you’ll receive an email notification confirming your attendance for the live webinar.

For those who can’t attend the live webinar, the recording will be available to all those who register below: Continue reading

Changing Best Practices in Flue Gas Analysis

A Yokogawa On-Demand Webinar:

yo-logoOnline — Zirconium Oxide and Catalytic Bead sensor-based analyzers have been the primary means of flue gas analysis for control and safety.

The recently published API-556 highlighted several considerations when using these technologies that were not commonly known to the industry.

This webinar will explain the theory of operation of tunable diode laser spectrometers and the application to gas fired reformers, boilers, and heaters as a layer of protection during startup and efficiency diagnostics during operation. Continue reading

Infrared Camera Shows ‘Invisible’ Vehicle Emissions

YouTube Video

fliratspr150-imageAMeer, Belgium — To raise awareness of the potentially fatal impacts of air pollution, a new video* from thermal imaging specialists FLIR Systems highlights how its GF Series Optical Gas Imaging cameras use IR technology to visually demonstrate vehicle emissions and the resulting air pollution issues.

Recently the World Health Organisation (WHO) announced that air pollution kills 16,000 British people a year.

In order to raise awareness of the amount of pollution produced by vehicles, Professor of Air Quality at Kings College (London) Martin Williams proposes thermal imaging as a potential means to “see air pollution as its happening”. Continue reading

March Training: Intro to Femap and NX Nastran

Interested in learning Femap & NX Nastran?

femap boxOnline  —  In March, Structural Design & Analysis will be holding a 3-day Femap with NX Nastran training class at their office in Sterling, VA.

The class will run from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM, Tuesday March 28th through March 30th.

This class will help users understand the fundamentals of Femap, as well as its integration with the NX Nastran solver.

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