Sensor Maintenance for Optimal Energy Savings in HVAC

Vaisala Knowledge HVAC Spotlight

Sensor Maintenance for Optimal Energy Savings in HVACOnline  —  Pressure to cut energy consumption in HVAC is driving use of DCV and free cooling.

Even with an intelligent building automation system in place, it’s of very little use if the actual measurement sensor has drifted or if the accuracy requirements can’t be maintained during the lifetime of the building.

In this article published in the special issue of REHVA Vaisala’s product manager Lars Stormbom discusses sensor maintenance for optimal energy savings in HVAC. Continue reading

IR/INFO 2017 A Huge Success

Held 22-25 January | Orlando, Florida

Some of the IR/INFO 2017 AttendeesBurlington, NJ, USA — Infraspection Institute’s annual IR/INFO conference was recently held in Orlando, FL.

IR/INFO 2017 marked the 28th anniversary for the advanced training conference, technical symposium, and technology expo.

IR/INFO 2017 was attended by infrared thermographers, predictive maintenance technologists, and building inspection professionals from around the world who enjoyed four days of networking, learning, and fun in a relaxed and professional atmosphere. Continue reading

Ultracold Liquid Hydrogen may be Fuel of the Future

By CSA Editor

Online — NASA has wrapped up testing on a new cooling system that supercools hydrogen to -423 °F.

It’s housed in a shuttle-era storage facility engineers saved from demolition five years ago at the agency’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida and thereafter transformed into a test site for new ground operations demo units. Continue reading

Record Demand for Thermal Infrared Imaging Home Inspection Services in Vancouver

Announces Jesal Home Inspections

Infrared Thermography for a Superior Home InspectionVancouver, BC, CANADA — (SBWIRE)  — Jesal Home Inspections, a source for Vancouver home inspections reports record demand for thermal infrared imaging home inspection services throughout the region.

The company has seen a steady and continued increase in thermal imaging requests in recent months, as record numbers of homes are bought and sold in and around the surrounding area.

Infrared thermal imaging is a unique type of technology that uses advanced systems to detect very small differences in temperature. Continue reading

New Method Produces Hydrogen at Lower Temperatures

By CSA Editor

Online — Waseda University scientists have developed a new fast and irreversible method for producing hydrogen that requires less energy and takes place at lower temperatures.

The innovation, according to the research team, is expected to contribute to the spread of fuel cell systems for automobiles and homes.

Hydrogen is typically extracted from methane and steam using a nickel catalyst at temperatures of over 700 °C, a temperature that creates significant challenges for widespread use.

The Waseda University team, led by Professor Yasushi Sekine, has reduced the required temperature to levels as low as 150~200 °C. Continue reading