InfraTec’s new series of miniaturized multi-channel infrared detectors

The channel filters now inside the detectors

InfraTec-PR-Miniaturisierte-Detektoren-Dresden / GERMANY — Space and Cost Saving: Due to the minimized stack design, users of these miniaturized 4 and 2  channel detectors,  LRM-254 & LRM-202 ,gain important new flexibility and benefit directly from cost-optimized production.

They get a solution for gas analysis and leakage detection that can be used in stationary and mobile devices ranging from medicine to safety technology with an attractive price/performance ratio.

In the cap where conventional multi channel detectors have sensitive narrow bandpass channel filters with special adhesive mounted, a central window has been added instead. Continue reading

Primoceler Ltd. Introduces Patented Heat-free, Hermetic Packaging for VCSELs

Glass micro bonding technology creates more reliable LIDAR, AR & mobile apps

Glass bonding for VCSEL packagingTAMPERE, Finland — /PRNewswire/ — Thanks to an on-going joint project with the European Space Agency, Finnish microfabrication solution provider Primoceler Ltd. has developed a patented process to package vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers (VCSELs) using no heat or adhesives. Continue reading

World’s first digital multispectral sensor-on-chip

ams AG’s six-channel digital multispectral sensor ICs to enable a revolution in spectral analysis apps

PA-AS7262-3-multispectral-color-sensors-TN_articlethumbnailPremstaetten, Austria — ams AG (SIX: AMS), a leading provider of high performance sensor solutions and analog ICs, has launched the world’s first series of cost-effective multispectral sensor-on-chip solutions, opening the way for a new generation of spectral analyzers for consumer and industrial applications.

Offered in a small 4.5 x 4.4 mm land grid array package, the ultra-low power AS7262 visible range sensor and AS7263 near-infrared (NIR) sensor each provide six calibrated spectral channels. Continue reading

UltraSenseIR™ BSI Image Sensor

With 2X Higher Near Infrared Image Sensitivity

himax-v2-darkTAINAN, Taiwan, — (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Himax Imaging, Inc., a subsidiary of Himax Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq:HIMX) (“Himax” or the “Company”), has announced the HM5530 UltraSenseIR™ product, a low power and low noise 5.5 Megapixel Back Side Illuminated (“BSI”) CMOS Image Sensor (“CIS”). Continue reading

New Imaging Apps With Infrared Processing & Exceptional Scene Reproduction

MStar’s MSC318 Pairs With OmniVision’s RGB-Ir Sensors

Dual-Purpose RGB IR CameraChip™ Sensor

Dual-Purpose RGB IR CameraChip™ Sensor
Image courtesy OmniVision

BEIJING, China — /PRNewswire/ — OmniVision Technologies, Inc.has announced that the company’s second-generation RGB-Ir image sensors, the OV9756 and the OV4686, will be supported by MStar’s new on-chip image signal processor, the MSC318.

The MSC318 is designed for security IP camera solutions and for driving recorder video cameras in automotive imaging applications.

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