NEW CompactIR 400Thermal Infrared Inspection Camera from InfraTec

The First of its Kind Dresden, Germany  —  The latest handheld thermographic camera from InfraTec extends the segment of the entry level cameras by a unique detector format Thermographic cameras … Continue reading

“Bad Metal” Revels Clues to High-Temperature Superconductivity

By CSA Editor Online — A research collaboration based at Stony Brook University has found that “stripes” of electronic charge persist across surprisingly high temperatures, shape conductivity, and have direction-dependent … Continue reading

The Difference Between Lightning Detection and Prediction Can Have Shocking Implications for Utility Companies

Utility Companies and Lightning Data By Earth Networks Blog The difference between lightning detection and prediction can have a big impact on utility companies. Severe weather is a huge problem … Continue reading

Portable Temperature & Humidity Data Loggers

Prices start at $60 US Norwalk, CT, USA. — The Omega Engineering Model OM-90 Series are portable, battery operated, temperature (OM-91) and temperature/humidity (OM-92) data loggers. The OM-90 Series data … Continue reading

China’s World-Famous Taizhou Bridge Uses Vaisala’s RH+Temp Xmitters

To Extend Service Life Helsinki, Finland  —  Taizhou suspensions bridge is an important crossing on the Yangtze River. The main cables are one of the critical support elements in this … Continue reading

Infrared Temperature Measurement Talks at Glass Performance Days

28-30 June 2017 in Tampere, Finland Dronfield, UK — AMETEK Land announces that its Technical Director, Dr. Peter Drögmöller*, will present “Infrared temperature measurement in the glass industry” during the … Continue reading