Spectrum Launches TDR 350 Soil Moisture Meter

Integrates Bluetooth, DataLogger & GPS

Soil Moisture, temperature & moreAurora, IL, USA – Spectrum Technologies, Inc. has announced the launch of the FieldScout TDR 350, the next generation to the TDR 300 series.

The new enhancements to the FieldScout TDR 350 include EC (Electrical Conductivity) measurement, turf surface temperature measurement, an improved backlit display, integrated Bluetooth, and internal GPS,  in addition to offering the proven time-domain measurement technology that turf professionals have come to trust in the FieldScout TDR brand. Continue reading

Thermal Infrared Imager Continuously Monitors Industrial Gas Uses

WEBINAR:  25 October 2016 (14.00 UK / 09:00 EDT)

 AMETEK Land NIR-B 3XR thermal process imagerOnline — With the AMETEK Land NIR-B 3XR thermal process imager, operators of industrial gas applications can continuously monitor tube wall temperatures within a live thermal scene.

The NIR-B 3XR is easy to install via a small hole through the furnace wall, and its wide 90-degree horizontal field-of-view provides coverage for many tubes with just a single device.

More than 320,000 temperature measuring pixels help the operator to continuously define and monitor spots, areas, and profiles – even in hazardous areas.

In addition, the high-quality optics afford detailed views of anomalies like flame impingement and coking tubes. Continue reading

MadgeTech CF200 Data Logger Canning Fixture for Food Processors

Online — MadgeTech is excited to announce the release of the new, versatile CF200 canning fixture, designed to help food processors and manufacturers comply with FDA regulations.

The CF200 is ideal for securing a variety of data logger probe sizes and styles used to monitor internal can and container temperatures for a wide range of foods, validating the product is free of microorganisms and ready to eat.

Law requires canned food be heated to 121 °C (250 °F) to destroy microorganisms and inactivate enzymes, then vacuumed sealed to prevent any bacteria from getting in.

According to the USDA, this process allows high-acid canned foods (fruits, tomatoes) to be stored for up to 1 ½ years, and low-acid canned good (vegetables, meat, fish) up to 5 years. Continue reading

TEMPMEKO 2016 Symposium & Exposition


TEMPMEKO 2016 LogoOnline — The Symposium on Temperature and Thermal Measurements in Industry and Science is one of the most important international scientific event held every three years under the auspices of TC12 IMEKO – International Measurement Confederation.

The XIII Symposium, TEMPMEKO 2016, will be held in Zakopane, Poland between 26.06 and 1.07. 2016.

The Symposium aim is the exchange of information and views among the members of international scientific community, professional metrologists, manufacturers of measurement equipment, engineers and students working in the field of the temperature metrology.

Main Topics

The main topics of the Symposium sessions will cover a wide range of subjects related to the temperature metrology from fundamental aspects like: Continue reading

Hart Scientific’s New Deep-Well Compact Baths

Provide high performance & extra capacity at affordable prices

Deep-Well Compact Calibration Bath

Deep-Well Compact Calibration Bath

Online  —  Hart Scientific announces a new line of constant-temperature fluid baths for calibration of a wide variety of thermometers and temperature sensors.

The new Deep-Well Compact Baths provide 18″ (457 mm) of depth to accommodate liquid-in-glass (LIG) thermometers, Standard Platinum Resistance Thermometers (SPRTs) , and other long-stem thermometers.

They do so with a small footprint  of 14″ x 31″(356 mm x 787 mm) and a small volume of bath fluid (4.2 gallons), yet they can easily be used to calibrate thermometers in batches of ten or more.

Four baths in this series cover temperatures from -80 °C to 300 °C.

Temporal stabilities over that range are from ± 0.005 °C to ± 0.015 °C per unit of time and spatial uniformities are as small as  ± 0.007 °C. Continue reading