CFP: ITC International User Conference | September ’17

Title and abstract due by: 15 April 2017

2014- Stockholm

2014 – Stockholm

Online — ITC and FLIR Systems invite you to share your thermography expertise with other professionals in your field at the , ITC User Conference in Coventry, UK September 27–28, 2017.

The ITC User Conference is a professional meeting place for technicians, engineers, scientists, and users of all types of infrared measurement equipment.

The ITC User Conference will cover infrared physics and its applications in a wide variety of fields, from inspection of electrical installations, building surveys, industrial and automation applications, optical gas imaging to NDT and advanced research applications. Continue reading

High resolution thermal imager for flight applications

MICRO-EPSILON’s thermoIMAGER TIM Lightweight

Highly precise temperature monitoring

Klapper_TIMLightweightOnline  —  Drones are increasingly used for the temperature monitoring of buildings, solar power plants and high-voltage electrical power lines.

The thermoIMAGER TIM Lightweight system includes a high resolution infrared camera and the new, lightweight Linux-Recording-Box with a combined weight of just 380 grams, that takes up minimal space for this state-of-the-art technology.

The system is specifically designed for aerial drones. Continue reading

The World Market for Military Infrared Imaging Detectors & Systems

Vol. IRW-M, 2017 Edition | Maxtech

Maxtech logoSarasota, FL, USA — Maxtech International, Inc. is releasing the 2017 edition of its market research report on military infrared detectors and systems markets (Vol. IRW-M).

Military infrared imaging systems are poised to take a leap forward as advanced new infrared detector technologies become available for the next generation of systems.

Some of the important trends that will start to shape advanced military infrared systems include: Continue reading

Black Hornet & Thermal Imaging for Drones

An Interview with FLIR CEO Andy Teich

Online — The Roswell Flight Test Crew speaks with FLIR Systems President and CEO Andy Teich about his company’s entry into the drone industry. Continue reading

New Smart Thermal Imaging Cameras

From Testo

Online — Testo have launched a brand-new range of ‘Smart’ thermal cameras.

Designed for contractors in HVAC, Facilities Maintenance, Electrical, Plant and Building Maintenance, these four new cameras are the ultimate diagnostic tool. Continue reading