Thermal Infrared Imaging in Hummingbird Research

Using FLIR Infrared Drone Camera Online  —  Mothering hummingbirds have an incredible ability to maintain strength with little rest, and researchers at Loyola Marymount University’s (LMU) Center for Urban Resilience … Continue reading

Thermal imaging cameras for automated inspections

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New Frontiers for Applications of Thermal Infrared Imaging Devices:

Computational Psychopshysiology in the Neurosciences Online: A recent technical review article by Daniela Cardone * and Arcangelo Merla of the Infrared Imaging Lab, ITAB Institute for Advanced Biomedical Technologies, Department … Continue reading

Webinar: How to use Infrared Technology for Gas Detection

FREE: 25 MAY 2017 Meer, Belgium  —  FLIR Systems, through its Infrared Training Centre (ITC), has announced a live online tutorial on 25th May 2017 that addresses the subject ‘Discover how … Continue reading

New metamaterials-based technology could replace infrared sensors

Gold-Plated Crystals Set New Standard Online — Materials scientists and engineers have developed a sensor that is fast, sensitive and efficient enough to detect specific wavelengths of electromagnetic energy while … Continue reading

Temperatures: Measure Thrice At Least…Before Reporting Once

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Higher Resolution Lepton 3 Infrared Imaging Sensor Now Available

Aimed at OEM Users WILSONVILLE, OR, USA –(Marketwired) – FLIR Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: FLIR) has announced it is making a new FLIR Lepton thermal infrared imaging core sensor, the Lepton 3, … Continue reading

Fire-Safety SMARTIS Thermal Infrared Camera

With In-Built Webserver option Online. — The Workswell SMARTIS thermal camera is designed for fire protection for landfills, incinerators, warehouses, as well as a control condition in the foundry ladle … Continue reading