NEW Humidity & Temperature Transmitter

Also has Multi-Functional Display w/DataLogger

EE310Online — The new EE310 humidity and temperature transmitter is ideal for demanding process control.

The multi-functional display with built-in data logger offers an optimum overview of the measuring task and enables intuitive operation. Continue reading

Intrinsically Safe RH & Temp Xmitter Certification Expanded

E+E’s EE300Ex Certified for Intrinsically Safe Apps in Japan

epluse_ee300exEngerwitzdorf, AUSTRIA  —  The intrinsically safe humidity and temperature transmitter EE300Ex has been successfully certified according to TIIS.

The device, that already meets the relevant requirements for Europe and North America (ATEX, IECEx, FM), may now be employed in Japan as well.

TIIS-certified EE300Ex devices can be obtained from the Japanese E+E sales partner TEKHNE Trading Co., Ltd.

EE300EX is dedicated for use in potentially explosive environments and can be installed directly in both gas and dust hazardous areas of zone 0 / 20. Continue reading

New Wireless Temperature Measurement & Monitoring System for Brake Rotors

WISER TC2-K Mounts Inside Wheel Hubs

WISER TC2-KANN ARBOR, MI, USA–(Marketwired) – TECAT Performance Systems today announced WISER TC2-K, the first product in its new WISER TC family of temperature measurement and monitoring systems, .

Optimized for automotive brake rotors and ideal for mounting inside wheel hubs, the compact WISER TC2-K provides low power consumption and high accuracy in high-temperature environments.

TECAT will demonstrate the WISER TC2-K at the Automotive Testing Expo, Oct. 25-27 in Novi, Michigan, in booth 6022I. Continue reading

Advanced Temperature Measurement and Control, Second Edition

ISA Book Update

Advanced Temperature Measurement and ControlOnline — This book provides a comprehensive view of what is needed to take advantage of the latest developments in smart and wireless temperature measurements and control strategies.

A fundamental understanding of the capabilities of temperature sensors and the advances in wireless technology are provided.

The effect of sensor types and installation on measurement accuracy and speed is detailed.

Guidance is provided for making the commonly faced choice between thermocouples versus resistance temperature detectors.

The temperature control requirements for various types of equipment are discussed. Control systems to meet specific objectives are provided. Continue reading

New instruments for surface meteorological measurements

Meteorological Technology World | 27-29 SEPT 2016, MADRID

youngTraverse City, MI, USA  —  The R. M. Young Company will showcase two new product lines; the ResponseONE™ Weather Transmitter and the Sentry Visibility Sensor.

Both products are precision instruments offering reliability and value.

The ResponseONE™ is an integrated, all-in-one instrument that accurately measures wind, temperature, relative humidity, and barometric pressure, with its digital meteorological data provided in a variety of formats, including SDI-12, NMEA and ASCII.

The company’s Sentry Visibility Sensor offers cost effective monitoring of reduced visibility caused by fog, dust, smoke or precipitation and can be used for most visibility applications including bridges, tunnels, roads, railways, and coastal navigation. Continue reading