iCelsius Apps for iPhone, iPad & iPad Touch

Turns iPhone (et al) into Digital Thermometers

Middletown OH, USA & Lausanne, Switzerland –?? Aginova Inc., has announced?? iCelsius, a product that extends your iPhone by using a temperature probe that turns iPhone, iPad or iPod touch into a digital thermometer.

The current app downloaded from the iTunes or Mac App store will read the temperature, create graphs and set up alerts. The temp sensor probe and connecting cable can be purchased online from the Aginova store.

iPhone and iPad’s are becoming ubiquitous and the addition of sensors to them will make the world around them come alive.

Upgrades to the application software will map the temperature data to every day tasks. The iCelsius will transform the way we experience and monitor the world around us.

In addition to helping maintain the ideal conditions for many household situations,?? iCelsius takes the simple temperature data and provide a wealth of information about how to use the temperature data.

The iCelsius measures temperatures between -22 ??F to 158 ??F with an accuracy of ?? 1?? and is suited for many uses.

A stainless steel tip makes it possible to measure liquid temperatures such as baby formula, cooking ingredients, wine, tea, household appliances and hundreds of other applications.

iCelsius is simple to use: just plug the cable into the device, download the free application from the App Store, and get to work!

Over the coming weeks and months, Aginova plans to release additional sensors to become the leading provider of sensing technology for apple devices.

Soon-to-be-released temp sensors include more flexible probes that can be used for cooking, baking, grilling, measuring meat or fry oil temperature with higher temperature thresholds and longer probes, to be followed by sensors for humidity for measuring comfort level and others.


Pricing & Availability

iCelsius is available for a limited time at a discounted price of $34.99?? (regular price is $44.99) from the online store.

About Aginova

Aginova Inc. provides affordable, low power sensor solutions that make the world come alive by providing customers actionable feedback from their environment. Aginova’s products bring the sensor world to the internet using web services and are used in commercial environmental monitoring applications as well as condition based maintenance applications in industrial and the defense markets.

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