TTD Series
TTD Series

Toronto ON, CANADA — Winters??? TTD Series Tridicator Gauge, which measures both pressure and temperature on the same dial, is now available with wider temperature ranges.

This change complies to the revision made by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), a global not-for-profit organization that specifies codes and standards for the technical community, to Boiler Code Section IV.

Winters Tridicator Gauges are now rated 30 ?? to 250 ??F (0 ?? to 120 ??C), 50 ?? to 250 ??F (10 ?? to 120 ??C) and 50 ?? to 320 ??F (10 ?? to 160 ??C). These ranges adhere to or extend over the ASME required standard of 50 ?? to 250 ??F (10 ?? to 120 ??C).

Wider temperature ranges not only comply to a new industry standard, but will be safer for plant operations and personnel. Winters is the only instrumentation manufacturer that complies to the new temperature ranges of ASME Boiler Code Section IV.

With quality parts, an enclosure rating of IP50 and pressure and temperature limits of 75% of full scale, the TTD Series Tridicator Gauge is a safe and reliable instrument for use on boilers.

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