Turkey Stuffing Sacks withTemperature Sensor

Reynolds?? Stuffing Sacks are 100% Culinary Cotton Stuffing Sacks That Make Un-stuffing A Holiday Roast Turkey Easier
Springfield MO, USA — The News Leader’s website ran a story recently entitled:Stuffing Sacks have heat sensor, about the Reynolds?? Stuffing Sacks with the Stuffing Temperature Sensor that makes cooking stuffing inside the turkey easier. (In the USA, Turkey is more widely cooked than Geese, despite many recent political claims).

According to the ReynoldsStuffingSack.com website, “The stuffing temperature sensor is designed to check and make sure that your stuffing has reached 165?? F after removed from the oven. Following instruction on the ‘How To Use Stuffing Sacks’ web page or on the sensor package in the carton.”

The same website has all sorts of details about the sacks and more, for example:

Frequently Asked Questions
How To: Use Stuffing Sacks
Tips and Timesavers

The website is similar to another by Reynolds?? Kitchens on the Reynolds?? Oven Bags. The Oven Bags, however are a different material than the stuffing sacks, nylon rather then culinary cotton.

This is a great commercial example of new ideas to help improve Food Safety in the home, in our opinion. For more information about food safety click on the Food Safety link on our Main Menu, or visit the recent article on FDA suggestions with Safe Holiday Cooking tips.

Reynolds?? is a registered trademark of Alcoa, Inc.

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