Humidity Sensors With CMOSens??

Capacitive humidity sensor principle
Staefa ZH, Switzerland — In addition to the resistive method, the capacitive measurement principle, above all, established and proved itself as a standard in the past.

For this principle, the sensor element is built out of a capacitor.

The dielectric is a polymer which absorbs or releases water proportional to the relative environmental humidity, and thus changes the capacitance of the capacitor.

This change in capacitance can be measured by an electronic circuit. This allows the relative air humidity to be determined.

For humidity sensors with CMOSens?? technology, a “micro-machined” finger electrode system with different protective and polymer cover layers forms the capacitance for the sensor chip, and, in addition to providing the sensor property, simultaneously protects the sensor from interference in ways previously not achieved.

Humidity, temperature and dewpoint

The temperature sensor and the humidity sensor together form a single unit.

This also enables an accurate and point-precise determination of the dew point, without incurring errors due to temperature gradients between the humidity and the temperature sensors.

Through the unique linkage of these sensor elements with the signal amplifier unit, the analog-to-digital converter, the calibration data memory, as well as the digital, bus-ready interface, all on a surface area of a few square millimeters.

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In 1998, co-CEOs Felix Mayer and Moritz Lechner founded the company as a spin-off of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich. Since then, Sensirion has grown remarkably and has been awarded a number of prizes for its entrepreneurial performance ??? including the Swiss Economic Award.

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  1. This technology is very valuable in the data room. I use a similar temperature and humidity monitoring appliance from Ravica. It has saved me from a few disasters.

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