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Miniaturized two-channel detector LRM-102


Dresden/ GERMANY — After launching the LRM?254 just a few months ago, InfraTec has expanded its range of miniaturized multi-channel detectors.

With the LRM-102 and LRM-202 a pair of two-channel detectors with an aperture opening of around 6 mm2 are now following in the TO46 housing. Just like the premiere model of the series, these latest developments are also characterised by their innovative design.

The IR filter is directly above the pyroelectric element in the centre of the detectors. This saves important space when assembling and improves the protection of the filters against external influences tremendously.

Combinations of all InfraTec standard narrow band pass filters and windows from 3.09 microns to 14 microns are available. Customized filters upon request.

See for more details on filters and windows.

This layout means that the optical channels are close together, the optical performance increases and a greater signal-to-noise distance results. For this reason, the TO46 family LRM-102 and LRM-202 are characterised by high-quality signal transmission.

Another result is the significantly increased field of view (FOV). The reason for this, apart from the reduced distance between the filter and pyroelectric material, is a large central window integrated in the cap.

This replaces the filter relocated to the inside of the detector. It is made from robust material such as silicon and effectively prevents the penetration of moisture.

If the window is soldered in the cap, this even results in complete hermetically sealed protection.

The compact design of the detectors still allows users lots of scope for individual adjustment. Thus, the stack formation of the micro-electro-mechanical systems, for example, opens up the possibility of thermal compensation.

The miniaturized design also offers the advantage of cost-optimised production from which users benefit directly. You get a solution for gas analysis and leakage detection that can be used in stationary and mobile devices ranging from medicine to safety technology and convinces with an attractive price/performance ratio.

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The InfraTec infrared sensor and measuring technology company was founded in 1991 and has its headquarter in Dresden, Germany. The privately held company employs more than 200 employees and has its own design, manufacturing and distribution capabilities. Spectrally single and multi channel infrared detectors count among the products of the infrared sensor division, next to Infrared sensors with electrically tunable filters based on MOEMS. These detectors can be used in gas analysis, fire and flame sensor technology and spectroscopy. With its infrared measurement technology division, InfraTec is one of the leading suppliers of commercial thermal imaging technology. In addition to the high?end camera series ImageIR® and the VarioCAM® High Definition series, InfraTec offers turnkey thermographic automation solutions.

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