OneVue Intelligent Monitoring Platform for Healthcare

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ipadLAKE GENEVA WI, USA -??? Wireless monitoring of environmental parameters such as room temperature/humidity or storage temperatures allows healthcare organizations to eliminate the need for highly-trained personnel to record manual readings, allowing them to focus on caring for patients.

Now Primex Wireless introduces the next generation of wireless monitoring with release of the OneVue??? Intelligent Monitoring platform.

OneVueis a cloud-based, mobile-first platform that allows users to view monitoring data and configure the system using any Web browser on any tablet, smartphone, laptop or desktop computer.

With its responsive design, OneVue automatically resizes and rearranges the screen to optimize the user???s experience for their mobile or desktop device.

OneVue??eliminates the need for an organization???s IT team to install or maintain servers or software. Only a minimal IT commitment is required upfront to configure the platform for any healthcare organization???s network, regardless of size.

???OneVue allows organizations to realize the benefits of automated monitoring, whether it???s a small organization needing a more efficient and reliable monitoring solution or a very large healthcare enterprise with complex, multi-site monitoring needs,??? said Brian Balboni, President, Primex Wireless.

???OneVue helps organizations reduce workloads, ensure compliance, and maximize the efficiency of valued personnel, all while reducing costs. With its secure, cloud-based platform and mobile-first design, OneVue offers a smart, cost-effective and convenient way to achieve real-time monitoring of healthcare facilities and the critical assets within them.???

The??OneVue platform is unique to the industry in that the data generated by sensors is tied to the room, physical equipment (such as refrigerators) or inventory (such as pharmaceuticals or nutritionals) being monitored, rather than to the sensor.

As a result,??OneVue delivers comprehensive, historical data trails for compliance audits, preventative maintenance, benchmarking, cost comparisons and more, all without requiring users to merge records each time a sensor is changed or assets are moved.

In addition, customer accounts in OneVue may be intelligently structured by locations and business units to provide user rights and views that map into an organization???s hierarchy.

The platform???s easy-to-use interface also allows healthcare personnel to preconfigure Primex Wireless sensors before they are shipped so they automatically find and connect to the appropriate network when plugged in at the site, delivering true plug-and-play simplicity.

OneVue??includes a wide range of unique benefits and capabilities to help healthcare organizations improve operations. Key advantages over other automated wireless monitoring platforms include:

The OneVue platform is built from the ground up on industry-leading Amazon Web Services??? infrastructure, delivering consistent system access and performance with banking-level security and encryption, ensuring data is protected at all times.

OneVue???s intelligent structure provides user rights and views by locations and business units to minimize distractions for users while also helping to prevent unintended alterations to settings.
Alert routing rules can be set up to deliver notifications via email, text or phone according to individual company policies and preferences.

Users can filter and rearrange columns of data to create and save custom views that meet their unique business requirements.

Ongoing data backups and redundant backup sites ensure organizations always have quick and easy access to their data to demonstrate compliance.

OneVueis currently available for use with PrimexIAQ (Room Temp/Humidity) and PrimexTEMP (Equipment Temperature) sensors.

Additional capabilities are expected to be incorporated into the OneVue platform during Spring 2015.

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