Weather Monitoring for Smart Water

Show and tell Weather MicroServer system diagram

CWS president Nader Khoury

CWS president Nader Khoury’s presentation on weather monitoring to the AWWA’s PNWS Oregon Subsection

Online — CWS president Nader Khoury gave a presentation on weather monitoring to the AWWA’s PNWS Oregon Subsection April Meeting hosted at the North Clackamas County Water Commission.

With the rise of data-driven decision-making and inter-agency collaboration, weather monitoring is becoming increasingly important across government agencies.

The Internet of Things (IoT) movement is a big drive toward Smart Everything – Smart Phones, Smart Cities, Smart Governments.

With the integration/interoperability of city-wide agency systems, “Smart Water” plays a significant role and weather monitoring can be a part of it:

  • Monitoring for drought/flooding
  • Stormwater management
  • Data points and more

Weather stations can be a tool to provide information for analysis, to make data available to other agencies, and to the public.

More online at Columbia Weather Systems’ website:

At Columbia Weather Systems (CWS)  our goal is to help you select the right weather station system for your weather monitoring application.

Headquartered in Hillsboro, Oregon, Columbia Weather Systems manufactures the Orion, Pulsar, Magellan, and Capricorn lines of weather stations and distribute them around the world. Key markets include professionals in public safety, military, government and industry.

A small, privately held company, CWS is known for personal customer service. We offer flexibility and quick response to customer needs. A long-term investment in product development has been the key to anticipating changing customer needs and utilizing advancing technology.

This has resulted in products such as the Weather MicroServer, a leader in Internet-readyand automated data communication, our proprietary Weather Master Software and touch-screen Weather Display Console.

Columbia Weather Systems, Inc.
5285 NE Elam Young Pkwy, Suite C100
Hillsboro, OR 97124 USA

Phone: 503-629-0887
Fax: 503-629-0898

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