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Dew Point Sensor for HVAC — 4 Comments

  1. Note: The little degree symbol appears as a ? in the comment submitted section. We have to edit the comment to use the word “degree” instead.
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  2. Hmm. The “?” symbol in my post started out as the “degrees F” symbol.

  3. I’ve got a GE/Telaire 9002 Vaporstat. I’m mostly happy with it, especially it’s configurability. I also need the simple open/close switch at a given dew point threshold. However, the 9002 only allows setting the threshold on 5 degrees F intervals (55, 60, 65, 70, etc.). That would be OK, except that it enforces a minimum hysteresis (dead band) of 5 degrees. Which means that if the dew point crosses the threshold (say, 65 degrees) and the relay goes on, then the dew point has to drop *below* 60 degrees before the relay will turn off – even if it sits at a measured 63 degrees dew point for an entire day.

    The manual says that the factory-set hysteresis is 2 degrees, but I can’t set it to that.

    All dew point sensors will require at least 4 wires – two for power and two for the relay contacts.

  4. I am looking for dew point controller with 2 wires which can open and close the water valve, thus prevent condensation. I just need a sensor with 25 to 50 feet of pipe which can be connected to 24V zone valve.

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