Wagner Meters Rapid RH?? Kit Survives Devastating Fire in Michigan

Everything else deemed a complete loss
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Rogue River OR, USA — An early morning fire in July of 2012 left building and flooring inspector Carl Howard looking at a scene of total devastation where his business, ServiceMaster Absolute Home and Restoration Services in Mason, Michigan, used to stand.

As Howard searched through the cold rubble – where even the steel beams had collapsed from the intense heat – it seemed that the contents were a total loss. Then he came across his Rapid RH?? Starter Kit case. The case was blackened from the smoke of the fire, but when he opened it, the contents of the case were all intact!

???I use the Wagner RH probes???as a flooring inspector,??? says Howard, who also owns Central Michigan Inspection Services. The Rapid RH?? Starter Kit comes in a sturdy case to withstand the rigors of job site conditions, and is apparently capable of surviving much tougher conditions too.

???We don???t recommend lighting the case on fire,??? laughs Jason Spangler, Sales Manager-Flooring Division. ???But we???re certainly glad to see that it has exceeded even our expectations for rugged construction.???

His Story

Howard shared his story when he called to upgrade to the Rapid RH?? 4.0 EX as part of moving forward with his business, which included an April 2013 ground breaking ceremony for the new building.

???We wish Carl every success as he rebuilds his business,??? says Spangler. ???He???s definitely a great example of why we think our customers are the best. And we???re sure his new building will stand strong on its Rapid RH?? – tested foundation.???

To learn more about the accurate and reliable (and sturdily built) Rapid RH??, visit Wagner Meters at www.wagnermeters.com or call 1.800.634.9961 to locate your nearest distributor.

About Wagner Meters

In the early 1960s, Delmer Wagner dreamed of a better moisture content test in lumber processing. He established Wagner Meters to design the first solid state, non-contact, in-line lumber moisture detector. Soon, clients approached Wagner Meters for hand-held moisture content test meters for spot-checking. Wagner Meters has spent the ensuing decades building a family of moisture content test products for wood and concrete, from its original home base of Rogue River, Oregon.

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