IR Leaf Temp Sensor

Precise canopy temperature measurements are required for CWSI*

Logan UT, USA — Apogee Instruments offers The Infrared Radiometer that measures remote surface temperatures to within 0.2 ??C. Measurement of surface temperature is a crucial component of plant energy transfer.

Accurate measurement of the leaf-to-air temperature gradient is essential to the determination of transpiration rate and stomatal conductance in both single leaves and plant canopies.

This gradient is often less than 1 ??C, which means that leaf temperature should be measured to within 0.2 ??C. To achieve this accuracy, the Apogee Instruments Infrared Radiometers correct for changes in the sensor body temperature with a subroutine designed for Campbell Scientific dataloggers.

* CWSI – Crop Water Stress Index is a means of irrigation scheduling and crop water stress quantification based on canopy temperature measurements and prevailing meteorological conditions. Plant temperature is an indicator of plant water status because stomates close in response to soil water depletion causing a decrease in water uptake and an increase in leaf temperature.

Apogee Instruments, developers of high-quality instrumentation to monitor the environment, was born in the spring of 1996 and expanded into this new facility in December 2007. In their own building they monitor and control the building with a Campbell Scientific CR3000 datalogger, which is coupled to 64 multiplexer input channels and 32 output control channels. Internal and external temperature, humidity, CO2, O2, air velocity, and solar radiation are graphed in real time on computer screens mounted on the wall. Their company logo on the roof is visible from commercial aircraft flying at 8,000 meters.

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