Response speed of two-color infrared thermometers is no longer limited to the millisecond domain.


Franklin Lakes NJ, USA — ??Process Sensors Corp???s newly released, self contained, Metis HQ11/HQ22 non-contact infrared temperature sensor easily captures 12,500 measurements per second with an unprecedented 80 microsecond response time.

With a temperature span of 350 ??C to 2500 ??C, the two new models in the HQ11/HQ22 Series are ideal for applications in high-speed ferrous and non-ferrous metals processing, ceramics and semiconductors, as well as demanding research and development environments where short duration phenomena need to be monitored.

Target spot sizes of 0.5 mm to 23 mm diameter are offered in the same two models, utilizing either standard focusable optics or focusable lens fiber optics.

As with all Metis two-color models, the HQ11 and HQ22 can also be used as single wavelength pyrometers. In the switchable single wavelength mode, operators have the choice of obtaining output signals from shorter or longer wavelengths, or both via analog and serial communication ports.

Operators also have a choice from three methods of optical alignment and focusing onto a target: through lens sighting, laser aiming, or an integral color video camera for monitoring the target area in harsh or difficult to access locations.

A peak picker function can be programmed to capture and hold the highest temperature measurement when targets are sporadically obscured by dust, steam or surface scale.

Switchable, analog 0-20 mA/4-20 mA outputs connect with process control or data acquisition equipment. A fast digital RS485, 921 kBd maximum communications interface is also included.

The free of charge PSCWin software allows simple set up of thermometer parameters and facilitates the recording of data in graphical, text or tabular format.

Sensor Specifications:

Measurement Uncertainty:
(? = 1, t90 = 1s, TA = 23 ??C): < 2500 ??C: 0.5 % of measured value in ??C (with correct emissivity and/or emissivity ratio setting)
Repeatability: 0.2% of measured value in ??C + 1 K (? = 1, t90 = 1 s, TA = 23??C)
Response Time t90: < 80 ?s adjustable via software up to 10 s in 0.1 ms steps
Emissivity adjustment range: Ratio ?1/?2: 0.800???1.200; Channel 1 and Channel 2: 0.05???1.20
Temperature resolution: analog < 0.025 % of adjusted temperature range, digital 0.1??C
Peak picker reset rate: in 0.1 ms steps up to 25 s adjustable via software
Analog output signal: 0 ??? 20 mA switchable to 4 ??? 20 mA, 500 ? max. load
Digital Interface: RS 485, 921 kBd max, optional: external USB converter
Ambient Temp. Range: Pyrometer: operation 0 ??? 65 ??C, storage -20 ??? 65 ??C, Fiber Optic Version: Cable and Lens: 0-250 ??C
Power Supply: 24 V DC (15 ??? 30 V DC), 14 VA
Isolation: power supply, analog and digital output are galvanically isolated from each other
Housing and Rating: extruded aluminium profile, IP 65 per DIN 40 050 with cable connector installed
Weight: 700 g
CE Label: according to EU directives for electromagnetic immunity
Laser Pointer: optional: 650 nm, < 1 mW, class II per IEC 60825-1-3-4

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