New single-channel infrared detectors feature AR-coated silicon windows

Opto Diode Introduces CalSensors??? SCD-B Infrared Detectors

Screen Shot_SCD-B_IR_Detector

SCD-B IR Detector

Camarillo CA, USA ??? Opto Diode introduces the SCD-B Series of CalSensors???infrared detectors with anti-reflective-coated silicon windows.

The new SCD-B Series IR detectors provide superior sensitivity across the mid-IR spectrum from 1.2 ?m to 5.5 ?m.

The SCD-B Series devices will be showcased in Opto Diode???s booth #4927 at SPIE Photonics West, The Moscone Center in San Francisco, California, Feb. 10-12, 2015.

Opto Diode’s SCD-B line of infrared detectors is optimized to provide the high performance of lead salt detectors while reducing harmful radiation.

The detectors limit the signal on the active element to the 1.2 to 5.5 microns operational bandwidth of the detectors, thereby reducing the potentially harmful impact of out-of-band radiation.

The SCD-13B and SCD-15B detectors combine the traditionally high responsivity of Cal Sensors??? chips with an anti-reflective-coated silicon window. They are ideal for medical diagnostic, environmental gas analysis, or process control applications.

Opto Diode???s new U.S. facility is optimized for manufacturing with on-site wafer fabrication, class 1,000 to 10,000 clean rooms, extensive assembly capabilities and packaging expertise.

Opto Diode Corporation has a long history of delivering industry-leading photodetectors and LEDs. Available in standard and custom designs,

Opto Diode products have supported the photonics industry for over 30 years and earned a reputation for high performance, superior quality and Radiation Detectors (IRD) and the merger of Cal Sensors (CSI), Opto Diode now offers industry-leading performance detectors from the extreme UV to the mid-infrared (mid-IR) regions of the electromagnetic spectrum. The IRD product line detects high energy particles and photons in the UV and X-ray regions. The CSI detectors provide superior sensitivity to discriminate trace gases or detect heat, sparks or flames in themid-IR spectrum. Complemented by high performance LEDs with radiometric emissions from 365 to 940 nm and IR emitters covering 1 to 10 microns, Opto Diode supports your measurement needs from prototyping to high volume production. All products aredesigned and manufactured in the US. The Opto Diode facility is optimized for manufacturing with on-site wafer fabrication, class 1,000to 10,000 clean rooms, extensive assembly capabilities and packaging expertise, delivering the products you need to fulfill your design requirements. Applying rigorous quality control standards, Opto Diode serves a variety ofindustries including: medical, & measurement, military/defense, biotechnology, R&D, entertainment, industrial, aerospace and automotive.

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