New Expert System-Multiband Pyrometer

The Spectropyrometer, an expert system multiwavelength passband (multiband) pyrometer, developed and produced by FAR Associates , Solon, Ohio, USA is the subject of a new article appearing in The August 2003 issue of Industrial Heating Magazine and on Industrial Heating’s website

FAR Associate’s devices have been used and proven in many challenging R&D and industrial applications over the past 10 years as the article explains. The method and equipment were not widely known until recently.

Last October in Chicago that all changed when the inventor of the technique and President of FAR, Mr. Ralph Felice, presented an eye-opening technical paper on the technology at the prestigious Eighth International Temperature Symposium.
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Nanoscopic Thermometer

A NANOSCOPIC THERMOMETER, consisting of a magnesium oxide nanotube filled with gallium metal, may dramatically increase the temperature range of tiny thermometers.

Researchers at the National Institute for Materials Sciences (contact: Prof. Yoshio Bando, phone number+81-29-860-4426; ) announced the creation of a carbon nanotube thermometer last year, but the device had at least one shortcoming: nanoscopic carbon tubes rapidly degrade in air at temperatures of 600-700 degrees Celsius. The new nanotubes are made of magnesium oxide cylinders with inner diameters of 20-60 nanometers, or about a thousandth the thickness of a human hair.
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June TemperatureSensorNews Available

The June 2003 issue of TemperatureSensorNews is available on its own web site with active html links to popular sites. This issue features a closer look at the revolutionary new Thermal Imager from Raytek Corp., The ThermoView(TM) Ti30, plus the end of June Alexa web site popularity rankings of selected web sites including several in different areas of the Temperature Sensor Community.

Mineral Insulated Thermocouple Cables

BDA Enterprises Ltd., of Ontario Canada is proud to announce the launch of ISOMIL’s brand of mineral insulated (MI) thermocouple cables to the North American market. With the widest possible product range available in the world, ISOMIL is one of the world’s leading MI thermocouple manufacturers. ISOMIL has earned a reputation for an ability to meet almost any technical requirement for Mineral Insulated cables. Contact BDA Enterprises in North America to help solve problems in high temperature thermocouples at

The Ti30 From Raytek-New Benchmarks

Raytek Corporation jumps into the Thermal Imaging field with not just both feet, but with the entire weight of its corporate being, with a release of its latest product, the ThermoView Ti30(TM) Thermal Imager, that can only be described simply as a new set of benchmarks!

Aside from the form, specifications, companion accessories and extra free features and services, each of which set new standards in the industry, the price (US$9950 in the USA) is a remarkable new low for this fast evolving, high technolgy, imaging equipment!

Raytek has done it yet again! What a remarkable achievement! The die is cast. It is to nothing less than a major milestone in the evolution of thermal imaging equipment and marketing strategy.

Congratulations to the planners, dreamers, designers and marketeers extrodinaire at Raytek! Well done, again!

(Raytek’s competition, who must have been nervously awaiting this release- it has been telegraphed for more than six months- will have their own responses planned. This could be a really huge impetus for further change in the industry-The April 2004 ThermoSense meeting and Infrared Exhibition in Orlando next Spring may well produce more surprises as the competitors respond to Raytek’s bold initiatives).

But we digress. There’s more, believe it or not! At the Raytek Web site you can download tons of information, sign up for a free training class, get a copy of the free image analysis program and read the complete manual for the new instrument as well as request a demonstration. There is a more detailed article on the new imager in the forthcoming issue of TemperatureSensorNews,, The June 2003 issue.

ThermoSense XXVI Call For 2004 Papers

The SPIE ThermoSense Group has issued a Call For Papers for the XXVI meeting to be held in April 2004 in Orlando FL, USA.

This is the oldest and most popular meeting in the world on applications of Thermal Imaging and Infrared Temperature Measurement. Its 25 years of technical publications form one of the most in-depth reference sources in the fields of Thermal Imaging, Thermography and Infrared Radiation Thermometery.

Topic areas for the 2004 meeting include Electrical and Building Thermography, R&D, New Developments, Medical & Biological, Radiation Thermometery, Calibration & Standards, Process Applications, Safety, Materials Evaluation and NDT and more. Each year some special program element is highlighted. Visit the Web Site for a complete version of the planned program and submission information. You can keep in touch there with details on the meeting and special program updates that are announced.

Program and registraion information, as released, can also be found on the Web Site (The ThermoSense meeting is co-located for 2004 at the SPIE Defense & Security Conference – the new name for the meeting known for about the past 11 years, or more, as the SPIE AeroSense Conference – where ThermoSense has traditionally been meeting. The only thing that seems to have changed is the name of the umbrella conference not ThermoSense, nor the meeting time & place).

Peacock Named ASTM Fellow

ASTM, International The American Society for Testing and Materials named G. Raymond Peacock as a 2003 recipient of the ASTM’s highest award, The ASTM International Award of Merit, and a Fellow of the ASTM. Peacock is Chairman of ASTM’s Subcommittee on Radiation Thermometery and is founder of several web sites related to temperature information and education About Temperature Sensors and The Temperature Sensor Community Site, They form the core of his training and consulting company, Inc. In his spare time he is editor and publisher of the eNewsletter TemperatureSensorNews.

New Temperature Forums

A new set of moderated discussion forums on temperature sensors and their uses have been established on the TemperatureSensorNews eNewsletter web site. There is no obligation to join in order to peruse the postings, plus they are organized by topic, category and Forum subject. However, to post, one must obtain a password. There is no charge, and each user is able to block his email address, if they so wish, from being seen. Volunteer moderators are being sought also. If you are interested in participating, send an email to and describe your interest and qualifications.

Poll on Thermographer Training

A new poll has been started to gather some statistics and comments on the training of Infrared Thermographers. First, realize that one must be a signed in member to vote and you can only vote once each time you are logged in. There is no charge to join and your name is kept private per our privacy statement.
Second, You may post comments with your vote this time, and we will collect and summarize the votes and comments and distribute them by email to all members.Remember, that as a member you can enter the poll area and see the status of the poll at any time.
This special poll will run through the summer, until the Labor Day weekend, that is September 8th, for those outside the USA.
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