ThermaViewer received CE mark.

Two Dimensional Instruments receives CE mark.Louisville, Kentucky ??? April 20, 2004???Two Dimensional Instruments, LLC, (2DI) announced today that they have completed testing of the ThermaViewer for the CE mark, allowing this unique device to be marketed in the EU and other select parts of the world. The ThermaViewer has been on the market for two years in the US but has not been sold in worldwide markets before this time.

The ThermaViewer, a device that continually monitors, records, and displays a time-temperature graph, is being used to monitor food storage appliances, such as refrigerators and freezers in kitchens, food manufacturing, and storage facilities.
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IR Imaging Found 21 SARS Cases in 2003

April 13, 2004, Orlando FL.USAIn a technical presentation at the 26th annual SPIE-ThermoSense Conference, Mr. Y. M Wu of The Southern China University of Technology and Guangzhou SAT Infrared Technology Co. LTD, described how the use of infrared thermal imaging in China between April 23rd to June 4th 2003 identified 21 high fever travellers who were later confirmed as having SARS.

Mr Wu’s presentation also described the statistics involved, according to an unnamed official source in Beijing. Although it is hard to estimate how many people were screened in China by infrared temperature measurement, in that period about 30 million travellers were measured by thermal infrared systems. Among them 9292 were suspected of having high fevers and were sent for verification by more conventional clinical thermometers. Thirty-eight of those were suspected as having SARS and 21 were comfirmed as SARS cases.
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ISPoT’s Growth Continues

ISPoT, the International Society of Professional Thermographers continues to grow according to Lee Allen, the President of the society with the motto “For Thermographers, By Thermographers”. “Now that the Society is fully organized as a non-profit corporation in the USA with By-Laws and a sitting Board of Directors, the next goal is to continue the initial growth and enthusiasm created by the founding members with some membership growth and solid programs for members”, said Mr. Allen at a recent meeting.
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