Land Reports IR Units “Most Accurate”

Land Instruments International reports recent trials and demonstrations have shown that the special new infrared thermal imaging system developed by them to measure human body temperature gives the most consistent results when checking for elevated temperatures indicating the possible presence of the SARS virus.Systems have reportedly been sold in Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Dubai andTaiwan.

Oral Thermometers: The Most Acurate!

Singapore May 13, 2003 “Oral thermometers the most accurate, says SPRING Singapore” (SPRING is the National Measurement Laboratory of Singapore.). In a release today about the accuracy of temperature sensors being used to screen for SARS. ” Hospitals still use oral and not ear measurement as their standard as this is the most accurate. Our test results indicate that oral thermomteters whether disposable, digital or liquid-in-glass, have an accuracy of plus or minus 0.1 degrees Celcius”, according to SPRING’s Chief Executive, Lee Suan Hiang. Click on the link above for the rest of the story.

Does Exergen have the answer?

The USA Exergen Corporation’s Web site is one of the very few Infrared Temperature Sensor Vendor, sites that we found with what appears to be creditable evidence of the ability to precisely measure human body temperature with infrared thermometry using devices other than infrared ear thermometers. Not surprisingly they also make ear thermometers and calibration equipment! They cite several medical reference papers and journal articles from respected information sources. Do they have the answer to verifying on-site results with some dubious infrared ear and thermal imaging thermometers? It looks that way to us. We’l let you know as soon as we get an opportunity to review their work in more detail.

Wuhan Guide Imagers Screening for SARS

A Wuhan Guide spokesman on the Snell IR Message board- claims that their IR220 models sales recently have been as follows: “The General Administration of Civil Aviation of China (CAAC, ) has bought 20 sets IR220 from us.” The Public Places where their products have been equipped to check for possible SARS cases are as follows: Beijing Capital Airport, Shanghai Pudong Airport , Shanghai Hongqiao Airport , Wuhan Airport , Xiamen Airport, Hainan Airport , Wuchang Railway Station , Xiamen Airport , Taiyuan Airport, Guangzhou Trade Fair ( CECF) , Xiao Lanjing Co. , and Yan Yangtian Co.