IR Thermal Imager for SARS Screening

A new IR Thermal Imager System has been released by Land Instruments International for use in screening for possible SARS-infected persons at airports and other public locales.

By using a compact, accurate and high speed thermal imaging camera, special software and a reference IR calibration source together, the manufacturer claims they can detect people with elevated body temperature above the normal average of 37 Deg. C (98.6 Deg. F).
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February TemperatureSensorNews Available

The latest issue of this free eNewsletter is available. Archived on its own web page- this issue with active hyperlinks features the low cost PCMeasure data collection, display and networking system available over the web plus a guest-authored review of the 2003 Thermal Solutions Conference held in January 2003 in Clearwater Florida, USA. Also included are some new web finds from About Temperature Sensors on advanced thermowell wake software, new free CD-ROMs and more resources and vendors.

About Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imaging is a growing technology that has many uses as shown on the Stockton Infrared Thermographic Services, Inc. web site. Stockton is major service company located in North Carolina, USA. They provide a wide range of infrared thermographic services to their clients. They do not manufacture or represent products and do not provide any services other than infrared, although many other service companies do. Their web site features images, videos and a much information on applications.
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