Global Warming & Man’s Influence

Opinion: How to learn the truth

G Raymond PeacockSouthampton, PA, USA  — Before I took a closer look, I, a semi-retired Industrial Physicist, was a denier of the connection between global warming and human interaction. I was not alone in being so.

After all, many of the present deniers, like some conservative politicians, use  a claim like the climate has always been changing and the Earth warms and cools all the time, or some similar reasoning.

I knew that the climate has been warming on average, but not much more about the subject. I thought there was a real issue about man’s influence and the expected consequences because the way the media treated the subject as a real argument; but I had not checked the science.

The Web provides access to mountains of information and data. It should be enough to help me better understand and reinforce my beliefs.
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