Thermal Infrared Imagers For Outdoors People

Compact Infrared Imagers for Observing & Hunting Game

compact thermal imagerOnline  — The February-March issue of OUTDOOR LIFE Magazine in the USA featured the availability of several new “low priced” (some lower than others) compact, thermal imaging products aimed at the outdoors person and hunter.

Here is a brief summary of the devices mentioned with weblinks back to their online product pages with a bit more detail as gleaned from the individual web pages.

Needless to say, there are many more products than the ones show here or in the magazine article. Continue reading

The FLIR Scout travels to Antarctica

The FLIR Scout travels to Antarctica

The FLIR Scout travels to Antarctica

Online  —  Last March, as part of the International Antarctic Expedition, Elke Roelant and an international group of young leaders traveled to the very end of the world to discover the breath-taking beauty and fragility of Antarctica.

Experiencing the last great wilderness on Earth has an impact that can life changing for an individual. It is a privilege that creates obligation.

The International Antarctic Expedition is an expedition and leadership program hosted by polar explorer, public speaker and environmental leader Robert Swan, OBE and the 2041 Foundation. Continue reading