Thermal Infrared Imagers For Outdoors People

Compact Infrared Imagers for Observing & Hunting Game

compact thermal imagerOnline  — The February-March issue of OUTDOOR LIFE Magazine in the USA featured the availability of several new “low priced” (some lower than others) compact, thermal imaging products aimed at the outdoors person and hunter.

Here is a brief summary of the devices mentioned with weblinks back to their online product pages with a bit more detail as gleaned from the individual web pages.

Needless to say, there are many more products than the ones show here or in the magazine article. Continue reading

Detecting Very Subtle Temperature Differences

Sensitivity better than 15 milliKelvin

GF335 Broadband Thermal Infrared Camera

GF335 MWIR Thermal Infrared Camera by FLIR

Meer, Belgium  —  The GF335 Thermal Infrared Camera from FLIR Systems combines cooled MWIR detector technology with compact handheld design to provide a portable, highly sensitive thermal infrared camera with fast frame rate of 60 Hz, full frame (320 x 240 pixels).

The GF335 is a high sensitivity, low noise, cooled camera that excels at detecting faint heat signatures.

It is well suited to a wide range of applications, including use on test ranges, non-destructive testing, research, and scientific applications.

Featuring a cooled 3–5 µm InSb detector the GF335 is able to produce ultra sharp thermal images.

Its high sensitivity of < 15 mK and “high accuracy of ±1 °C” allow users to detect very subtle temperature differences with great clarity, thus enabling users to thermally characterize a target  accurately detecting the faintest of heat signatures. Continue reading

Comparing the Capabilities of TCs & Thermal Infrared Cameras

Webinar: The Infrared Advantage for Temperature

Comparing the Capabilities of Thermocouples & Infrared Cameras

Meer, Belgium — FLIR Systems has posted a recorded version of a popular webinar that compares two common instruments used for measuring temperature: thermocouples (TCs) and thermal infrared (IR) cameras.

The webinar provides an informative introduction to temperature measurement with the technologies available today, and explains the basics of how TCs and IR cameras work. Continue reading

The challenge of measuring heat at high speeds

Application Story by FLIR

FLIR APP STORYOnline — How do you measure the heat of an object that is moving fast or changing temperature rapidly?

Traditional temperature measurement tools such as thermocouples or spot pyrometers don’t offer the resolution or speed needed to fully characterize high speed thermal applications.

These tools are impractical for measuring an object in motion – or at the very least, provide an incomplete picture of an object’s thermal properties.

In contrast, an infrared camera can measure temperature across an entire scene, capturing thermal readings for each pixel. Infrared cameras can offer fast, accurate, non-contact temperature measurement.

By choosing the correct type of camera for your application, you will be able to gather reliable measurements at high speeds, produce stop-motion thermal images, and generate compelling research data. Continue reading