Free webinar on how using dropsondes in hurricanes builds Weather Ready Nations

22 June 2017 at 11:00 AM EDT Online — Join Vaisala and the NOAA Hurricane Hunters to explore how dropsondes are used and their role in improving forecasts to build Weather Ready Nations. Topics covered include: -What is a dropsonde

Tropical Weather Analytics Launched

Team to Measure Hurricanes from Space BURLINGTON, MA, USA  .– (BUSINESS WIRE)– Current space-based methods of measuring hurricane intensities have large errors and have not significantly improved for decades. This has created a lack of trust in the “official” weather

Hurricane EARL QuickLook

US National Weather Service (NWS) timely updates on tropical storms, hurricanes and much more Click on one of the active links indicated by an underline and/or colored text and you will see the more detailed view of the current storm