Wireless Thermocouple/RTD Monitoring & Logging

Battery-Powered! Norwalk, CT, USA. — Omega’s new Wireless Thermocouple & RTD Transmitter/Connector Series features stand-alone, compact, battery powered thermocouple & RTD connectors that transmit their readings back to a host … Continue reading

New Compact Series of Handheld Meters for Test Kits

OMEGA’s HHC200 Series Stamford, CT, USA  —  OMEGA presents the HHC200 Series of portable rugged environmental meters for temperature, pressure, RPM/light intensity, air flow, humidity, dew point, and wet bulb … Continue reading

Discover OMEGA’s Technical Learning With Temp Measurement/Monitor Apps

Two Featured Applications With Ten Bonus Digital Apps App 1. Measuring Temps in Furnaces with Oxidizing Atmospheres   This article approaches two specific challenges related to temperature measurement in furnaces: … Continue reading

Wireless Transmitter for Smart Phones & Tablets Temps, pH, RTD & RH

UWBT Series of OMEGA® wireless transmitters Stamford, CT, USA — The UWBT Series of OMEGA® wireless transmitters turn your smart phone or tablet into a data logging and monitoring device. … Continue reading

Omega’s New Controller Demonstration/Evaluation Kit

PLATINUM™ Series Controller Demonstration/Evaluation Kit Stamford, CT,  USA — This powerful and versatile CNPT-DEMO PID controller from OMEGA® offers a fully integrated temperature control system suitable as a platform to … Continue reading

Dual Infrared & Type-K TC Thermometer w/ Dual Aiming Lasers

OMEGA’s NEW Infrared Thermometer OS499 Series Stamford, CT USA – The OS499 series of fully functional infrared non-contact temperature measuring devices feature dual aiming lasers for better targeting as well as … Continue reading

PLATINUM™ Digital Panel Temperature Meters

For TCs, RTD’s, Thermistors & Process Volts/Amps Stamford CT, USA — OMEGA’s PLATINUM™ Series Digital Panel Meters are extremely versatile and easy to use. This CE, UL, and cUL compliant … Continue reading

OMEGA Introduces Autoclave Validation Systems

NEW -CP-AVS140 Series Complies w/FDA 21 CFR Part 11 Stamford CT, USA — OMEGA???s new OM-CP-AVS140 series are complete systems used to perform autoclave validations. This CE compliant product enables … Continue reading