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Brake Rubbing Temperature Sensors — 2 Comments

  1. Interesting question, but I think several suppliers of temperature sensors, at least in the USA, have addressed this problem in the past. Doing it with thermocouples could be a subject to several incidental errors from the friction on a thermocouple. But there are numerous thermocouple suppliers that may be willing to supply you with equipment. One of the more useful measurements we have seen is reported using a non-contact sensor by Micro Epsilon, a German Company with many worldwide offices. See their online page at //www.micro-epsilon.com/news/2012/2012-04-13-IR-App/index.html. Also Motec, an Australian firm, sells an infrared sensor designed for just that purpose. It’s online at //www.motec.com/sensors/temperature/.

  2. am carrying out a research on vehicle brake pad, how can i get a thermocouple that i can use to determine interface temperature of the pad and the disk using a constructed test rig.
    am in nigeria

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