Introducing the HemaVision

Affordable Infrared imaging tools at CES 2015

HemaVision at CES2015

HemaVision at CES2015

Bay Village OH, USA — After the Hema-Imager Kickstarter, they realized there is a need for an affordable device that is not affected by slowdowns in data and memory usage and can withstand everyday use in different environments.

To address this, they have developed the HemaVision, a versatile computer vision-enabled standalone thermal imaging system that can be adapted to your custom scenarios.

They are also upgrading the imaging core from 64×62, but the big change is the user-reconfigurable computer vision processing platform with simple, easy-to-manipulate scripts.

Originally HemaVision wanted to use the smartphone to do computer vision, but they realized that no one would be able to write enough useful apps for the Hema-Imager (plus smartphones slow down, apps crash, and attachments break).

With this system however, you won’t have to be an app developer to make a new HemaVision solution, and they’ll be able to release many more solutions (and it will still connect wirelessly to any smartphone, tablet or computer).


If you look at Martin’s last video, you’ll see an OpenMV that we’re using for the prototype.

OpenMV stands for Open Machine Vision and is a microcontroller (ARM Cortex M4F) running a modified version of micropython with several computer vision algorithms.

As part of the HemaVision project, they will develop an enhanced OpenMV that will be open source (hardware and firmware). They’ve been working with Ibrahim and Michael on their upcoming OpenMV Kickstarter, and??they should be ready in the next few weeks to launch near the same time.

Their prototype still doesn’t look much better than whats in Martin’s video, and they’re upgrading the OpenMV core to handle larger displays.

CES and imaging core

Hema Imaging will be at CES in booth 75431 Tuesday, 6 Jan 2015, through Friday (two of their four members are Case Western alumni, which is how they got this opportunity) and theywill be posting images this week.

If you will be at CES, come stop by their booth,??they would love to meet you and give you the royal treatment!

We would not be here without our backers.

Shameless plug: check out their CES launch page, share the link and rate them. The top-rated and shared launches will get highlighted at CES on the Eureka Park stage.

They are trying to take advantage of all the press opportunities there and even scheduled a press conference, because, well, … they’re free to schedule!

Their’s will be Thursday at 11:30AM. CES prep work has delayed them by a few weeks, but some of this preparation will help speed the Kickstarter.

More importantly, they’ve nearly finished evaluating the cores (Seek Thermal, FLIR Lepton and Heimann 82×62), and they’ll make a final decision after they meet with potential suppliers at CES.

Just a few more weeks to go, we’ll send out one more message right before we launch!

Hema Imaging wants to give you the power to see invisible problems using augmented thermal imaging. To address this, they have developed the HemaVision, a versatile computer vision-enabled standalone thermal imaging system that adapts to custom scenarios.

Hema Imaging LLC
30233 Ednil Dr
Bay Village OH 44140 USA

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