NEW! Low Cost Thermal Infrared Imaging Arrays

At SPIE DCS in Baltimore | April 19 – 21 (Booth 537)

SPIE_dsc16Online — Boston Electronics and Heimann Sensor are pleased to announce production of new up to 80×64 format thermopile arrays with all digital output and control.

These affordable array sensors are compact (TO-8, TO-39 and TO-46) with integral optics.

Quick start application kits allow developers to rapidly incorporate these sensors into their systems.

Heimann’s new family of miniaturized thermopile arrays for IR imaging:

• 80×64, 32×32, 16×16, 8×8
• 4 or 6 pin TO packages
• SPI or I²C digital outputs
• 20 to 90° FOV optics
• Extremely wide measurements ranges up to 1000°C
• Very high frame rate, depending on type, setting and needed resolution
• Application kits come with housing, Ethernet interface and software for thermal imaging, which allows quick and easy evaluation< !–more–>

Applications include:

• Remote temperature measurement
• Fever detection/medical applications
• industrial process control
• traffic control
• home appliances
• person and presence detection
• security
• office automation
• IoT
• hot spot and fire detection

Boston Electronics Corp. are exclusive agents in North America for Heimann. Their process is totally based on silicon and specifically on silicon that can be made by standard microcircuit processes, with resulting LOW COST and HIGH SOPHISTICATION.

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