U8485A DC/10 MHz ??? 33 GHz USB Thermocouple Power Sensor

Agilent’s Power Sensor Performs Measurements Down to DC Range


The U8480 series is Agilent???s first power sensor with the capability to measure down to DC (with option 200). This is especially useful for Signal Source/Network Analyzer calibration and power references as well as EMC applications.

Built in external trigger in

External trigger will enable accurate trigger of small signals close to the signal noise floor. With the built-in trigger in connection on the U8480-series power sensors; you can connect an external trigger signal from a signal source or the device under test directly to the USB sensor through a standard BNC to SMB cable.

Measurements direct from your PC

The U8480-series USB power sensors comes with the N1918A power panel software at no additional cost. For enhanced features, the N1918A Power Analysis Manager software is available for purchase separately.

For more details online, including how to use and how to buy, visit: http://www.home.agilent.com/agilent/product.jspx?nid=-35560.1043558.00&lc=eng&cc=US

Agilent provides a wide selection of power meters and sensors for practically all your application needs ??? wireless communications, radar pulse measurements, components testing and more. They want to help you make better measurements???with the recommended equipment in less time, so they???ve lined up an array of resources in the form of application notes, technical notes and demo guides just for you.

Every few months, they???ll feature a NEW application or technical note. Here???s what???s new this month:

Application Note: Single/Multi-Channel and Extended Distance Power Measurement with USB Power Sensors

Many of today???s power measurement applications require multiple power measurements to be made simultaneously. This is further complicated in remote applications such as base station testing, where measurements need to be obtained from places where access is inconvenient.

This application note details the advantages of using a USB power sensor solution, and also covers the setup for multi-channel power measurement and methodology for lengthening the USB power sensor connection for single-channel power measurement.

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