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US National Weather Service (NWS) timely updates on tropical storms, hurricanes and much more

Click on one of the active links indicated by an underline and/or colored text and you will see the more detailed view of the current storm conditions.

For more information about these and other weather services visit: for website widgets,

and NOAAWatch Headlines and rss news feeds at

Topics on the above webpage include:

Air Quality (Subscribe to this feed Air Quality RSS feed) and Archived Air Quality Headlines

Climate (Subscribe to this feed Climate RSS feed) and Archived Climate Headlines

Coral Bleaching (Subscribe to this feed Coral Bleaching RSS feed) and Archived Coral Bleaching Headlines

Drought (Subscribe to this feed Drought RSS feed) and Archived Drought Headlines

Earthquakes (Subscribe to Earthquake RSS feeds from U.S. Geological Survey)

ShakeMap – a product of the U.S. Geological Survey Earthquake Hazards Program

NOAAWatch Earthquake Headlines (Subscribe to this feed NOAAWatch Earthquake RSS feed) and Archived NOAAWatch Earthquake Headlines

El Ni??o / La Ni??a (Subscribe to this feed El Ni??o / La Ni??a RSS feed) and Archived El Ni??o/La Ni??a Headlines

Excessive Heat (Subscribe to this feed Excessive Heat RSS feed) and Archived Excessive Heat Headlines

Fire Weather (Subscribe to this feed Fire Weather RSS feed) and Archived Wildfire/Fire Weather Headlines...

Flooding (Subscribe to this feed Flooding RSS feed)

Harmful Algal Blooms (HAB) (Subscribe to this feed Harmful Algal Blooms RSS feed) and Archived Harmful Algal Blooms Headlines

NOAA Homeland Security Program Office (Subscribe to this feed Homeland Security Progam Office RSS feed)
and Archived Homeland Security Program Headlines

Hurricanes/Tropical Weather (Subscribe to this feed Hurricanes/Tropical Weather RSS feed) and Archived Hurricanes/Tropical Weather Headlines

Additional Tropical Weather RSS Feeds: Atlantic/Eastern Pacific Central Pacific feed

News on hurricanes & tropical storms from the U.S. Census Bureau (Subscribe to this feed from U.S. CensusHurricanes/Tropical Weather RSS feed)

Oil & Chemical Spills (Subscribe to this feed Oil Spills RSS feed) and Archived Oil and Chemical Spill Headlines

Rip Currents (Subscribe to this feed Rip Currents RSS feed) and Archived Rip Current Headlines

Severe Weather (Subscribe to this feed Severe Weather RSS feed) and Archived Severe Weather Headlines

Additional Severe Weather RSS feeds

Space Weather (Subscribe to this feed Space Weather RSS feed) and Archived Space Weather Headlines

Tsunamis (Subscribe to this feed Tsunamis RSS feed) and Archived Tsunami Headlines

Additional Tsunami RSS feeds: (U.S. West Coast, British Columbia, and Alaska, Puerto Rico/U.S. Virgin Is., Caribbean Sea, Pacific Ocean, Hawai`i, Indian Ocean)

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