Infrared module for FPV night flying

A Kickstarter Project with awesome video – Check it out!

Online  —  Started by Luke Phillips and a group of UAV (drone) pilots who love to fly. They were fed up with work getting in the way of their fun flying time during the day, so they have spent 6 months developing a way to fly at night.

The end result is a compact lightweight infrared (IR) displaying module that attaches to any PCB running 4S to 6S.

It provides an extremely bright IR floodlight with an even wide angle spread of light – perfect for use with action cameras.

When viewed through your board camera and FPV goggles or screen, this allows the viewer to see clearly in total darkness.

They are seeking to raise $14,249 goal and already have $2,346 pledged and 24 days to go!

To read their full story and pitch, visit:

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