Measuring Humidity in Condensing Environments

Webinar (FREE): Dec 04th 2018

Vaisala_logoOnline  —  Energy efficiency and humidity measurement are tightly connected. Getting accurate humidity data usually means an improved possibility to control your process, save energy and improve the end-product quality.

Join Vaisala on December 4th at 4 PM CET (Central European Time) / 9 AM EST (U.S. Eastern Standard Time) to see how humidity can be measured reliably in high humidity environment. (more…)

Harvesting renewable energy from the sun and outer space


apparatus Online — Scientists at Stanford University have demonstrated for the first time that heat from the sun and coldness from outer space can be collected simultaneously with a single device.

Their research, published November 8 in the journal Joule, suggests that devices for harvesting solar and space energy will not compete for land space and can actually help each other function more efficiently.

Renewable energy is increasingly popular as an economical and efficient alternative to fossil fuels, with solar energy topping charts as the worldwide favorite. But there is another powerful energy source overhead that can perform just the opposite function–outer space.

“It is widely recognized that the sun is a perfect heat source nature offers human beings on Earth,” says Zhen Chen, the first author of the study, who is a former postdoctoral research associate at Stanford in the group of Shanhui Fan and is currently a professor at the Southeast University of China.

“It is less widely recognized that nature also offers human beings outer space as a perfect heat sink.”

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Reference; Joule, Chen et al.: “Simultaneously and Synergistically Harvest Energy from the Sun and Outer Space”

About: Joule (@Joule_CP) published monthly by Cell Press, is a new home for outstanding and insightful research, analysis, and ideas addressing the need for more sustainable energy. A sister journal to Cell, Joule spans all scales of energy research, from fundamental laboratory research into energy conversion and storage up to impactful analysis at the global level.

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How to calibrate temperature instruments


Beamex ebook on calibrationOnline — Beamex and ISA experts teamed up to present a two-part webinar series titled “How to calibrate temperature instruments.”

The webinar covered both theory and practical applications, demonstrations of temperature instrument calibration, as well as Q&A sessions.

Read the blog post and watch the webinars

The webinars covers some theory, many practical things, demonstrations of temperature instrument calibration and Questions & Answers sections.

More information on ISA can be found at (more…)

Bedbug II High Temperature Infrared Camera

Manufactured by: The Characterization Division of Mirion

M330- Bedbug IIOnline  —  The IST-Quadtek™ Bedbug II High-Temperature Infrared Camera from Mirion is a remote observation system.

It utilizes infrared camera electronics to monitor the smeltbed in recovery boilers, monitor slag build-up in utility power boilers and monitor product distribution and control, as well as burn efficiency in industrial process furnaces.

Mirion’s high temperature imaging systems combine temperature measurement, real-time video, and image processing into an enhanced video experience showing measurement information overlaid onto a live video image.


FLIR Systems First Deep Learning-Enabled Camera Family

FLIR Firefly® Camera Family

FLIR firefly camera systemWILSONVILLE, OR, USA — FLIR® Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: FLIR) has announced the FLIR Firefly® camera family, the industry’s first deep learning inference-enabled machine vision camera.

The FLIR Firefly®, which integrates the Intel® Movidius™ Myriad™ 2 Vision Processing Unit (VPU), is designed for image analysis professionals using deep learning for more accurate decisions, and faster, easier system development.

Traditional rules-based software is ideal for straightforward tasks such as barcode reading or checking a manufactured part against specifications. (more…)

Three best (handheld) infrared thermometers


Handheld Infrared ThermometerHow we decided

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Bottom Line(s):

“Best of the best: Fluke 62 MAX Plus IR thermometer

Our take: This infrared thermometer has every feature and is ideal for professionals.(more…)

IR camera with rugged accessory for glass industry


CoolingJacketOnline  —  In 2014 and 2016, Optris brought two special infrared cameras for the glass industry – the PI 450 G7 and the PI 640 G7 – to the market. In order to meet the industry-specific requirements, an innovative laminar air purge collar was developed in addition to the rugged CoolingJacket.

The first notable customers are using the system for 24/7 line-scan applications.

“The entire system impresses with its simple integration and the best price/performance ratio for a measuring point on the market”, explains Ingo Stahlkopf, Glass Application Specialist at Optris.