Free 1-Day Seminars On IR in Maintenance & Process

The Free Proactive Maintenance and Process Monitoring Solutions Seminars (PMS??) are a team effort from Mikron Infrared, Snell Infrared, UE Systems and Redlake to provide a hands-on, informative and informal day of presentations geared toward solution approachs to predictive/preventative maintenance and on-line process monitoring and control with complementary, but non-competing types of technologies. They will be given at locations in the US and Canada during the balance of 2005. Free Lunch, too!

To register, fill out and send the form obtained by clicking the Mikron Logo above or call 1-888-506-3900.

Featured Topics

* Use of Infrared Technology in predictive/preventative maintenance
* Use of Infrared Technology in process control and monitoring
* Use of Ultrasound, Infrared and Vibration Technologies as part of an integrated inspection program.

Thermoteknix IR Races at Indy 500!

Cambridge UK, Indianapolis IN USA —Thermoteknix are technology partners and official sponsors of the prestigious IndyCar Red Bull Cheever Motor Racing Team. Red Bull Cheever Racing have installed state-of-the-art Thermoteknix thermal cameras on their race cars to monitor tyre temperature performance which will gain vital seconds over the competition.

The race takes place Sunday May 29, at the “Brickyard” in Indianapolis, IN USA


The Winters Industrial 9IT Solar Digital Thermometer is a versatile instrument used in many industrial applications. The display on the
thermometer is a switchable dual range scale (F/C) and offers a +/-1% accuracy.

The thermometer is solar powered with a battery backup. The Industrial 9IT Solar Digital Thermometer is made of high impact ABS plastic housing, with a 3 1/2″(90mm) or 6???(150mm) stem length and a 3/4″ NPT brass thermowell standard. The instrument is mercury-free and environmentally friendly. Switchable between -50 Deg. F to 320 Deg.F (-45 Deg.C to 160 Deg.C) 6 second response.

New Clampon MultiMeter Measures Multi Temperatures

Waltham, MA USA — Extech Instruments, Inc has introduced a series of clampon meters, intended for electricians, HVAC, maintenance workers and others, with both built-in multimeter functions and multi-temperature measurement capabilities. The multimeter functions include AC/DC Voltage, Resistance, Capacitance, Frequency, Diode, and Continuity.The temperature measurement capabilities are a Thermocouple readout (Type K TC) and an IR Thermometer with laser pointer. All readouts are a large LCD display the front panel.

Websensor EM01 HVAC Monitor

Buffalo, NY USA – Eesensors, Inc., an electronic sensor development company, has designed and are now manufacturing a series of networked smart sensors for HVAC and other uses. They are called “Websensors” since they can report measurements across the Web. They are truely, “Sensors with an Internet Address”. The EM01 model, for instance, can be used to monitor: Temperature, Humidity and Illumination simultaneously at modest cost.

Networked sensors are more convenient and offer lower system cost. There are no analog signal conditioners and a/d interfaces required, no PC required and their units offer simple connection via Ethernet using standard ethernet cables, like the ones used in most home PC networks to connect a PC to a cable or DSL modem or a modem to a router.

These products are among those featured in the Sensors Expo at McCormick Place, Chicago June 6-9, 2005.

Airpax Temperature Sensors & Probes

Frederick, MD USA — Airpax Thermal Sensing Products, Inc., is a leading supplier of customer-specific products for original equipment manufacturers in high-volume manufacturing industries world-wide. Their extensive capabilities, innovative engineering, and design flexibility allow them to meet the most demanding thermal applications.

Their capabilities in temperature sensors includes an extensive thermistor, IC and RTD probe series


Pt RTDs for High Temperature Auto Catalytic Convertors

North Brunswick, NJ USA –Pt RTD elements from DWM & Associates offer a wide operating temperature range for a variety of applications. For applications requiring high-temperature capability beyond the range of standard elements, Heraeus Sensor Technology has developed the H series of Pt temperature sensors.

(NB:Visit their display at SensorsExpo in Chicago this June.)