Kit Helps Deliver Benefits of DigiPyro(TM) Detector

Blue Bell PA, USA & Newbury, UK — Pacer USA LLC ( has announced the availability of a new Applications Kit to enable users of the DigiPyro??? digital pyrodetector to make quick motion detection measurements and save this data in ASCII format – ready to load into any spreadsheet application.

Manufactured by PerkinElmer Optoelectronics, and marketed and supported through Pacer USA LLC in North America, the DigiPyro??? PYD 1998 dual element pyrodetector provides users with clear performance advantages over traditional analog pyrodetectors and reduces the cost and space requirements associated with analog circuitry.

Affordable Inertial Navigation System For IR Imagers

Airborne surveillance, search and rescue light aircraft
Malmkoping, SWEDEN — Polytech, a Cedip Infrared Systems company, has announced the launch of its new inertial navigation system (INS) specifically designed to operate with its Cobolt multi sensor gimbals in airborne surveillance, search and rescue and law enforcement applications.

For geo referencing and geo mapping with moving maps it is necessary to accurately define the optical line of sight. A simple GPS reference is not enough to achieve the pointing accuracy required in critical applications such as fire mapping, law enforcement or search and rescue.

ISC Demonstrates Newly Improved Sensor Hubs

How Proactively Monitoring a Company’s Environment Avoids Catastrophic Loss of Computer Equipment
(PRWEB) February 23, 2007 — Whether it’s small computer room with a few devices or a large data center with multiple devices, balanced temperature and humidity are two key factors that should be monitored in order to maintain the most favorable computing environment.

Maintaining a balanced temperature in a computer room or data center is essential. Without a balanced environment, hot spots can form and build up heat behind equipment racks or near large machines. To solve this problem, Information Support Concepts (ISC) recommends positioning sensors near the identified hot spot areas to alert the tech team of unacceptable temperature fluxes.

JUMO ecoTRON – Economical Temp Control

COATESVILLE PA, USA ??? JUMO Process Control, Inc. recently introduced the JUMO ecoTRON, an economical temperature control unit that is highly suitable for applications in the heating, refrigeration and air conditioning industry.

The JUMO ecoTRON is available in two different mounting options: ecoTRON T for DINrail mounting and ecoTRON M in the size 76mm x 36mm for panel mounting. Both types are fully programmable through instrument keys and feature a clearly readable 3-segment LCD with symbols for ??F or ??C and symbols for heating or cooling cycles.

28th Conference on Thermoelectrics ICT2007

June 3 to June 7, 2007
Jeju, Korea — The Korean Thermoelectric Society (KTS) is pleased to invite all affiliated member of International Conference on Thermoelectrics (ICT) to participate in the ICT 2007 Conference scheduled to take place in Seogwipo City, Jeju Island, S. Korea from Jun 3(Sun) ~ Jun 7(Thu), 2007.

Through this Conference, we are hoping all attendee get a chance to share with valuable information about “the harmony between Heat and Electricity.”

This ICT 2007 will provide a forum for topics of current issue and significance related to the thermoelectric materials, systems and application. At the beginning of the times of expensive energy, we hope the field of thermoelectric is spotlighted anew as an effective tool for energy conversion upon “ICT 2007”.

1-Wire Digital Temperature Sensor

Provides New Chain-Mode Function for Determination of Physical Location
DALLAS TX, USA ?????? Dallas Semiconductor, a wholly owned subsidiary of Maxim Integrated Products (NASDAQ: MXIM), introduces the DS28EA00, a 1-Wire?? digital temperature sensor with ??0.5??C accuracy and a new chain-mode signaling and protocol feature that quickly and automatically determines the physical location of individual sensors in an environment where multiple sensors are connected to a common 1-Wire line.

The DS28EA00 is ideal for applications that require accurate multipoint digital temperature measurements with minimal wiring complexity and cost.

The DS28EA00 measures temperature over the -40??C to +85??C range and is factory calibrated in a liquid bath to provide a worst-case conversion error of ??0.5??C within the ambient-measurement-temperature range of -10??C to +85??C; it provides ??2.0??C worst-case conversion error within the ambient range of -40??C to -10??C.

Device temperature sensing and digitization is produced from the differential VBE output of a matched-NPN transistor pair and a 1st-order sigma-delta ADC. Conversion resolution is user programmable with 9-bit to 12-bit options.

New Industry Standard for Ensuring Patient Safety

Multi-Year Licensing and Manufacturing Agreement with Food Systems Group
Charlottetown, PEI, Canada ??? Sensor Wireless, Inc., the world leader in Active Wireless Sensor (AWS) Technology???, recently announced that it has signed a $10 million, multi-year licensing and manufacturing agreement with Food Systems Group of the Americas Inc.

Under the agreement, Sensor Wireless has licensed the use of its AWS Operating System Firmware for Food Systems Group???s ???RxCool??? medication monitoring system to provide the Pharmaceutical Industry with safe, effective medication monitoring and compliance with Health Canada???s Guidelines for temperature and humidity mapping and monitoring.