WORM Temperature Sensor Installs in Any Thermowell

A maintenance technician???s dream: The WORM flexible sensor installs without removing the transmitter enclosure, thermowell or union components.

WORM Flexible Sensors LogoNORTH HILLS CA, USA???In both new and retrofit applications, WORM Flexible Sensors replace restrictive straight sensor probes with a universal sensor strategy that saves time and money. Its unique patented rugged flexible design installs in minutes, with response times faster than any other standard straight sensors, with all popular RTD and thermocouple configurations available.

With straight sensors, the connection head and thermowell assembly components must be removed to install a rigid sensor.

The WORM, on the other hand is flexible; bends around and through the top or face of the enclosure. It slides through the enclosure???s entry port, and snaps into place without removal of the enclosure, rigid conduit, connection head or any assembly components.

A WORM sensor can be installed in minutes, using a pair of pliers and wire cutters. The installer simply determines the proper length, cuts the WORM spring accordingly, slides the spring over the sensor wires, snaps a cap/clip on the end, and slides the assembly into the thermowell, enclosure or transmitter head. Spacers are supplied to keep the assembly straight.


Arch Rock Primer Pack

Arch Rock Primer PackSan Francisco CA, USA — Arch Rock Primer Pack is a complete, out-of-the-box wireless sensor network (WSN) that allows for the rapid development and deployment of pilot networks.

The Primer Pack monitors environmental conditions such as temperature, light, and humidity from onboard sensors. Expansion ports and pre-integrated sensor drivers allow users to easily augment their sensor nodes by choosing from thousands of different external switches, sensors, and relays to create uniquely tailored wireless networks.

A Web-based interface lets users add an external sensor without having to write embedded software on the sensor nodes. Where ultimate flexibility is required, all of the Arch Rock software sensor capabilities are available as Web Services and accessible through a variety of popular and standard application development environments.

It is simple enough to be deployed in an hour, yet sophisticated enough to be seamlessly integrated into enterprise applications as a set of standards-compliant web services.



Designed for precision temperature measurement in a wide range of electronics, industrial, scientific and environmental monitoring applications, the three model range offers a choice of inputs for platinum resistance thermometers and all popular thermocouple types.

The 3000 model has inputs for Pt25 and Pt100 platinum resistance thermometers and thermocouple.

The 3001 offers the same flexibility as the 3000 but does not include the PT25 input option.

The 3002 is designed for use with Pt 100 platinum resistance thermometers only.

Industry???s Longest Range, Finest Resolution DTS Solutions

SensorTran’s Advanced Technology Offers Electrical Power, Oil/Gas, Environmental Organizations Fast, Reliable Temperature Measurement Capabilities for up to 18 Kilometers
Oil and gas pumping platformPARIS, FRANCE–(BUSINESS WIRE)–SensorTran Inc, a developer of the world???s most advanced distributed temperature sensing (DTS) technology, has announced the general availability of its DTS 5100-M15 and the DTS 5100-M18 long-range products.

These products enable companies in the electrical power, oil and gas, and environmental industries to obtain accurate temperature measurements of their critical assets at distances of either 15 or 18 kilometers, the longest-range high-resolution capabilities on the market.

???Providing the most precise long-range DTS capabilities on the market gives our customers a vast amount of detailed information about their critical assets so they can optimize their utilization,??? said Kent Kalar, CEO of SensorTran. ???With the M15 and M18 products, our team of scientists has truly created the most advanced long-range DTS systems in the world, and they continue to develop new products that will revolutionize the DTS landscape.???


Logginet Temperature and Process Data Collection

LogginetMississauga, Canada — Temperature and process data collection is one of the more important tasks in a processing plant, yet is probably one of the more irksome a processor has to do for his HACCP-plans, according to Scott Process Equipment & Controls Inc..

What makes it so awkward and troublesome is that a variety of different tasks such as room temperatures, smokehouse or autoclave procedures, and product temperatures have to be recorded in various forms and combined to establish a comprehensive report on the plant’s activities.

Argus??? Thermal Imaging Camera For Fire Fighters

The new lighter, robust Argus???4 Thermal Imaging Camera
Argus???4 Thermal Imaging CameraChelmsford, UK– E2V’s new Argus???4 thermal imaging camera takes thermal imaging usability to a new level. At only 1.5kg the camera is extremely lightweight and the ergonomic design of the camera’s body makes it very comfortable to use.

This little thermal image camera provides practical usability without compromising comfort, safety and durability.

Not only is it compact, it is also capable with a x2 zoom, storage for up to 100 images and spot and ambient temperature measurements as standard features. In addition it has a 13 colour screen display option as well as the ability to customise the camera settings to a fire fighter???s own personal preference.


Informative guide to heating and cooling applications & processes

Huber UK's new catalogueSaffron Walden, UK — Specialists in water baths, circulators and chillers – Huber UK have released a comprehensive new catalogue that contains a wealth of useful information for laboratories looking for an environmentally friendly approach to precisely controlling the temperature of applications and processes.

With a range of over 500 products, offering precise temperature control from -120??C to +400??C, and cooling and heating power of between 0.1 kW and 130 kW Huber offer a product for almost every thermal application and process.

A new ‘quick finder guide’ enables you to simply and quickly select the optimum unit for your application or process.